Holi Hai – Busan – Bangawoyo

After a great day at Jinhae’s Cherry Blossom Festival our Bangawoyo tour headed to Busan to party it up Indian style at Holi Hai. Holi Hai 16 Day Indian festival welcoming spring South Korea celebrates in Busan Holi Hai is the biggest celebration in the world with over 1.2 billion people participating across the globe. Read More …

Top 10 Travel Photos of 2015 #6

2015 brought me good fortune and even greater photos.  My camera followed me from New Years Eve with my family in New Jersey then back to Korea before enjoying Lunar New Year in Thailand and short stint in Taiwan for Buddha’s Birthday.  Then we went up a few Korean mountains and swam in stunning Korean islands before heading back Read More …

Peace, Love, & Spring Colors part 2: Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group

South Korea’s Holi Hai festival in Busan was amazing.  Read about it in my part 1 or simply enjoy the second half of my photos!

Peace, Love, & Spring Colors part 1: Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group

Holi Hai is a traditional Indian celebration of spring and Seoul Hiking Group went down to Busan to join this outstanding festival!  2015 was the 3rd year Holi Hai came to Busan, South Korea’s most popular beach city.  The day began at 9am with participants arriving on Haundae Beach wearing white.     The the Read More …

Peace, Love, Spring & Colors – Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group – Sneak Peek

This weekend I we welcomed the changing of the seasons with the traditional Indian festival Holi Hai.  Ronda and I jumped on a Seoul Hiking Group bus bound for Busan and had an amazing weekend on the beach.  Check out this sneak peek as I wash the colors out and wade through nearly 1500 photos!