2019 – Into a New Decade

by Mike Still
2019 – Into a New Decade

I’m not as good at sleeping on planes as I used to be but somehow I’m still awake and fighting the jet lag. Perhaps it’s the lack of flying I’ve done since moving to Alaska, or  maybe I only got 2 hours of sleep on the plane because I slept until 11am (trying to kick this darn cold.)  Either way the flight home after Christmas was anything but restful but the good news is I just ate some incredible cannoli and pizza at Calandra’s & Fortes in my old stomping grounds!

If you’re in town for the holidays look me up but until then I’m going to focus on these amazing photos and other highlights from this past year.  I haven’t been as diligent in 2019 as I’d have liked to be with this blog but rest assured that I went on plenty of Alaskan adventures.  You’ll find my favorite photos from 2019 below, be sure to let me know which one you like the best!

2019 has certainly been a year to remember with a new job, a new house and an amazing new girlfriend, Alaska is truly feeling like home. So maybe that’s why I’m even more excited to catch up with my family and friends back on the east coast.  I fly back to Alaska on January 5th and cant wait to ring in the new year at Todd & Eve’s wedding!

I’ve got 10 days to see as many people as possible and time is limited. I’ve tried to reach out to many of you but have been so slammed with work and distracted by Alaskan adventures that I’m sure I missed some of you.  If you’re reading this and in the NY/NJ area please reach out so we can catch up while I’m in town.

For everyone else I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and happy New year.  As I mentioned earlier, I started a new job and am team teaching 5th and 6th grade for an open optional program in Anchorage School District. I’ve got an incredible team and love the opportunities this job provides but it’s had plenty of unique challenges and has been quite demanding too. I’m settling into the role nicely and for the first time in my teaching career feel like I am in a position I could stay at indefinitely.

Knik River Lodge Aurora

I recently became a homeowner and have had plenty of ups and downs with the process but love my house!  I bought a foreclosure that was in pretty good shape but there are plenty of projects to come.   I’ve got big aspirations to rent or airbnb some of my extra rooms but have been slow to put the finishing touches on while I enjoy the privacy of having the whole house to myself.

Marmot in Hatcher Pass

Putting roots down in Alaska feels perfect. When I moved to Korea I knew I would enjoy it but within the first few days I also knew I wouldn’t stay forever. Alaska has been the exact opposite, it’s been a dream come true. A dream I didn’t know I had, and one with many undiscovered futures. I hope everyone reading this gets the chance to come visit one day and if you do maybe you can even stay with me!

Matanuska Glacier Crevasse

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram you might have already met Elizabeth digitally. She’s great! We met at work but thankfully barely see each other at school since my kids only have music three times a week for 30 minutes and my team teacher, Linda, often takes the class to music. Elizabeth and I have been hiking, skating and skiing up a storm since we started hanging out this fall.

Star Gazing with Elizabeth

Speaking of skiing Ben and I are signing up for a duathalon in January! Elizabeth and her family have been coaching me to skate ski and Ben will do the classic cross country section.  We are just excited to compete and aren’t really going for a winning time but it will be fun to be on his team again like in high school fencing!   I’ve also got my eyes on the tour of Anchorage in March and want to ski as much as possible this winter. There’s a lot to look forward to as 2020 kicks off and with a little luck and some more adventures I’ll capture plenty of amazing photos and be more consistent sharing them all with you.


Baby Mountain Goat on
Mount Marathon




16 Minute Aurora Star Trails


I’m thinking about getting some more prints made to decorate my house.  Comment below to let me know which one you think I should get printed.

P.S. I’m sleep deprived and jet lagged.  If you find a typo please message me so I can fix it!

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Mike Still
Mike is a travel enthusiast, photographer and teacher. He loves adventure travel, meeting the locals and exploring new culture. As an outdoor enthusiast you can often find him hiking mountains or exploring forests trying to capture the beauty of mother nature. In 2013 he founded www.LiveTravelTeach.com as he left his home in America and has been teaching or traveling around the world ever since!

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