4th grade field trip to Namsan, Chyeonggyecheon & Gyeongbokgung

by Mr Mike
4th grade field trip to Namsan, Chyeonggyecheon & Gyeongbokgung

Friday I had the pleasure of going on my first field trip at my new school.  The 4th grade had a great time on our Seoul tour stopping at 3 famous places.  Namsan is a mountain in the middle of the city, Chyeonggyecheon is a stream running through Seoul near city hall and Gyeongbokgung is one of the royal palaces.  I’ve been to all 3 before but it was a unique experience taking 150 kids with us and I loved seeing all of them during the day in full Spring bloom!

Our tour guide chatted away in Korean the whole day and I’m sure my students learned a lot but I was glad I had my camera to keep me busy.  I hope you enjoy these pictures from an awesome field trip with the cutest and best 4th grade ever!


Even though the pollution has been pretty bad the last few days we got some great views at the top of the North Seoul Tower!

_DSC1446 _DSC1455 _DSC1449 _DSC1478 _DSC1480 _DSC1484 _DSC1487





_DSC1492 _DSC1495 _DSC1512

_DSC1520 _DSC1505 _DSC1508 _DSC1514

Getting ready for our riverwalk at Chyeonggyecheon!  Everyone enjoyed this leisurely stroll and it helped us work up an appetite before lunch.

_DSC1525 _DSC1529 _DSC1536 _DSC1553 _DSC1554 _DSC1576 _DSC1561


Before stopping at Gyeongbokgung we even got a chance to see the Blue House (Korean White House equivalent)!  The secret service here seems a little distracted by Candy Crush._DSC1585 _DSC1592 _DSC1596

Gyeongbokgung palace is full of history and architecture but today it was also full of Spring!  The blooming trees turned this majestic landmark into a fairytale

_DSC1594 _DSC1600 _DSC1603 _DSC1605 _DSC1610 _DSC1612 _DSC1616 _DSC1621 _DSC1623 _DSC1624 _DSC1629 _DSC1632 _DSC1653

Mr Mike

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