4th grade overnight field trip to Gongju – Buyeo

by Mr Mike
4th grade overnight field trip to Gongju – Buyeo

Field trips are great.  They can be exhausting for students and teachers alike but its a welcome reprieve from the classroom and an exciting opportunity to see a different side of each other.  Last week we embarked on a 3 hour bus trip to Gongju for my first overnight field trip as a teacher.  Each of 4-36 student classes had 2 tour guides, an English teacher and Korean counterpart to chaperone.

Gongju01 Gongju02 Gongju03 Gongju04 Gongju05

After arriving and eating lunch we stopped at historic sites and Korean bounced off my ears in a complete lack of understanding the significance of the region.  At least it was a gorgeous fall day!

Gongju06 Gongju07 Gongju08 Gongju09

Next up was a series of museums and a revitalized Korean palace where I took out my camera.  I was excited to snap some potential panoramas to play with on a recently downloaded editing program.  Click away for some stunning panoramas shots of Baekje’s history UNESCO palace.


Baekje Palace Panorama


Gongju10 Gongju18 Gongju19

We spent the night in Lotte’s luxurious resort in an evening full of Korean buffet and giggling 4th graders.  Friday we stretched our legs on a short hike before taking a boat ride to a nearby restaurant and finishing up at another museum. _DSC4892 _DSC4966Gongju13 Gongju14 Gongju15 Gongju16

Mr Mike

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