5 Ways to Experience Sydney like a Local

by Marie Nieves
Sydney Opera house

Are you thinking about visiting Sydney, Australia? Sounds like a great trip. It’s a big city with numerous attractions and, no matter how long you decide to stay, you’ll have plenty of sights to see and things to do. Plus, this time of the year is excellent for visiting Australia. It’s summertime there, so this is a perfect way to escape cold winter and spend some time in the sun and warmth. If you’re tired of all the Australia’s mainstream sites and you’d like to experience Sydney like a local, take a look at some of these tips.

Have an Aussie Brunch

One activity that has become insanely popular in Australia is brunch. Don’t be lazy and muster some willpower to wake up early once during your stay. It used to be a hit in the USA, but now that tradition moved to Australia and they took it quite seriously. Try places such as Bill’s or Ruby’s Diner, you won’t regret your decision.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climb the Harbour Bridge

Speaking of experiencing Sydney as a local, there’s a great cheat you should try and it concerns the Harbour Bridge. Instead of paying what I can only say an overpriced bridge climb, you can walk along the pedestrian path and reach the Pylon Lookout. The admission fee is much more affordable and you’ll be able to enjoy an absolutely stunning view.

Explore a Secret Beach

One of the things Sydney is famous for are its beautiful beaches. This is great news, especially for those of you who plan to visit during Australian summer. What’s the harm in enjoying a day in the sun at the beach? It’s an awesome way to unwind and get some rest from all the sightseeing. Plus, if you go ahead and make the extra effort of actually searching for a beach that’s not that well known to tourists, such as Redleaf or Shelly, you’ll be able to really enjoy yourself and relax.

Sydney Maroubra beach

Find Accommodation

You can do this as a local as well. There are a few lodging options. The two main ones are a hotel or shared accommodation. If you’d like to save a few bucks and sacrifice your comfort, think about sharing a place with flatmates. However, if you’d prefer something a bit fancier, consider the luxurious accommodation in Randwick. Apart from its proximity to all the important places, choosing these hotels will enrich your stay in terms of history as well. Avonmore on the Park was originally built in 1888 and its original wood carvings and stained glass windows are still present. It’s also known as one of Australia’s biggest terraces.

Pub Crawl Walking Tour

This 4-hour walking tour will introduce you to Sydney’s most famous pubs and their mysterious and a bit frightening stories. Sydney is famous for its anarchistic attitude throughout history which involved street gangs, brothels and mysterious unsolved murders. This is a great opportunity to learn something about the city’s history while enjoying yourself. Sit back, relax, have some of Sydney’s best beers and enjoy the amazing tales from the streets.

Sydney Darling Harbour

Every city has its own story. There’s always more than one ways to experience them. Naturally, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see all the most popular places in the city you’re visiting, but wouldn’t it be great if you could share some stories that aren’t that easy to google? Get more information and ask locals to give you recommendations. Don’t be afraid to explore the city on your own. Who knows what amazing places you’ll run into during your quest?

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