A busy month ending with an OUCH!

by Mike Still
A busy month ending with an OUCH!

This post is a life update for my family, friends and loyal readers.  I’ll continue with the regular travel postings shortly now that this masters class has finished!

Monday night I went for a Spartan Training run up the mountain behind my house.  The workout was pretty intense with 8 hill/stair sprints, a hundred squats and 60 push ups scattered along a few kilometer path.  This makeshift course was inspired by Coach TJ from BMHP!  It was an awesome workout but unfortunately at the end of my run I hit a bad step.   I was in front of my apartment, literally on my last step when I twisted my ankle all kinds of bad giving me a week of crutches, a ton of rest & ice.

Thankfully Ronda has been rocking it as my nurse and my job gave me elevator access.  The doctor’s visit was a unique Korean experience but again I’m thankful because 4 X-rays, a doctors visit and a week worth of 4 prescriptions came to a whopping total of $11!   Doc said its just an awful sprain and I’m hopeful I’ll be up and running again soon,  some things were a bit strange like how he told me to stop taking Ibuprofen (I did for a day and the swelling came back full force) but ultimately I’m feeling better as I write this.

Day 1: Severe swelling and sooo much pain!

One of these things is not like the other one.

One of these things is not like the other one.


Day 4: The purple arrives.  Swelling has gone down but my foot still barely fit in my shoes.  I graduated to 1 crutch!


Day 6: Bruising has spread but the swelling has gone down!  I can almost walk without any crutches.20160501_122007

Today marks 1 week and I’m half-walking without the crutch.  Another silver lining is the end of my most recent master’s class.  I spent 4 hours a night for the last 2 weeks with 20 other educators learning about how research proposals can positively effect education.  Life has been busy but overall quite good here in Korea.   At home Ronda and I are happy with our new roommate and she loves her new teaching job!

The new school year started in March and now we are in full swing.  I’ve got a great team again this year (my 2nd year as 4th Grade Team Leader).  I had to miss Sports Day because of my ankle but vowed to race some of the kids and teachers when I’m healed.  I was humbled in the first few weeks when 2 new teachers requested me as their teaching mentor for the Teach Now program and told both I would be happy to help and look forward to their student teaching module in a few months.

In travel news, Ronda and I booked flights to Indonesia for a few weeks in July-August!  I’m thinking about taking a few days and visiting Kyoto/Osaka in August and I’m planning on heading to Zurich to present at an Education Conference in September.  Looking to the future my current plan is to finish out this contract in Feb 2017, backpack for about 6 months and then find a new teaching job in Europe.

If you read this far you’re probably close family so I want to say thank you for your love and support.  Leave me a comment or email because I’d love to Skype and catch up.  If you’re just one of my loyal readers than I still thank you for all your love and support 😉

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Mike Still
Mike is a travel enthusiast, photographer and teacher. He loves adventure travel, meeting the locals and exploring new culture. As an outdoor enthusiast you can often find him hiking mountains or exploring forests trying to capture the beauty of mother nature. In 2013 he founded www.LiveTravelTeach.com as he left his home in America and has been teaching or traveling around the world ever since!

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