A guided hike up Dobongsan, Bukhansan National Park – South Korea

by Mr Mike
A guided hike up Dobongsan, Bukhansan National Park – South Korea

Bukhansan National Park is my favorite place for hiking in South Korea.  Korea has better views in Seoraksan or on Saryangdo but with a half dozen entrances near subway stations Bukhansan jumps ahead of the pack.  A few weeks ago I got the idea of hiking Dobongsan again.  I’d been in the park 5 or 6 times already but wanted to take some first timers up the peak so I quickly made a Facebook event offering to provide lunch along with myself as a guide and had nearly a dozen hikers sign up.


Bukhansan Panorama 1

Getting to Bukhansan National Park
Subway line 1 or 7 to Dobongsan Station (NOT DOBONG!)
Exit 1
Cross the street and follow the Koreans dressed in bright hiking clothes
(this sounds silly but its the best way to describe it)
The path will veer left before you turn left and then meet a road.  Turn right at the road and go up the hill until you pass the ranger station.  You’re in the right place if you see lots of hiking vendors & Korean food stalls


We enjoyed a lovely day in the park first up Dobongsan and then along the ridge to the Y-valley.  Enjoy this photo walk through the most visited National Park on Earth 😉

Bukhansan National Park was picked as one of the top 40 hikes in Asia!

Bukhansan Buddhas

_DSC5869 _DSC5867 _DSC5866 _DSC5860 Bukhansan Panorama 3 _DSC5883 _DSC5887 _DSC5881 _DSC5890 _DSC5909 _DSC5955 _DSC5933 Bukhansan Panorama 2 _DSC5929 _DSC5981 _DSC5977 _DSC5975 _DSC5965_DSC5971
_DSC5963 _DSC5959 _DSC5957 _DSC5988 _DSC5993 _DSC5994 _DSC5997 _DSC5998 _DSC6003 _DSC6005 _DSC6014 _DSC6015 _DSC6021 _DSC6025 _DSC6029 _DSC6031 _DSC6039 _DSC6001

If you enjoy the photos leave a comment and tell me about your favorite hike!  In Seoul and looking for a hiking guide?  Leave a comment below with your kakao and I’ll get back to you.

Mr Mike

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Anonymous October 20, 2018 - 8:15 am

Amazing photos..
Will be here this week.
Kakao~ kl kramer

Mike Still October 22, 2018 - 6:51 pm

Have fun! I wish I could join you but I’m in Alaska now!


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