A love of travel

by Mr Mike

2 main reasons I came to Korea were to teach and to travel.  I’ve loved teaching and have plans to go to Boracay for New Years but have tons of other aspirations about traveling.  I just came across this new site that uses crowd funding to help people travel.  Check it out!  Sign up if you like to travel and especially if you want me to travel while I’m here!  I get credit towards a vacation if you put in your email.  See below for some of my travel hopes while I’m here.


I hope to check out the cherry blossoms, see Tokyo & Kyoto and visit one of my old teammates in Japan.  I hear its a short flight and doable in a weekend or especially a 3-day weekend from Seoul.

Angor Wat is an amazing Buddhist Temple in Cambodia and has a spectacular sunset that I hope to experience.

I can’t wait to see Thailand and explore the jungles in the north.  Riding elephants and playing with baby tigers are certainly on the list along with island hopping through the south and perhaps spending a day or two in Bangkok.

Vietnam is supposed to have some of the most amazing landscapes and be incredibly affordable.  It recently jumped higher on my list with the discovery of Son Doong, the world’s largest cave complete with jungles and skylights that monkeys climb through.

Ben just left but we are already talking about next year where we might go to New Zealand and Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef and the diverse wildlife and landscapes on the islands.

After hearing my Uncle Edwin & Tim’s travel stories I want to see many of the island temples in Indonesia and Bali and someday make it to Africa.  Although that will probably be out of a different home base than Seoul.

European adventures are abundant among my aspirations but I feel I am more likely to get to Europe later in my life so I’ll focus on those more local like Hong Kong and other areas of China which are also doable in a weekend from Seoul.

All of this travel combined with visiting my family and friends back in the States while I’m living as an expat is incredibly expensive so I’m hoping that Trevolta works well as a crowd funding platform.  Help me out by signing up, its free!

Mr Mike

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