AnBang Memory Homestay

by Mike Still
AnBang Memory Homestay

Hoi An is a wonderful city that everyone should visit while traveling through Vietnam and our favorite hotel to stay by the beach is the An Bang Memory Homestay!  Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the An Bang Memory Homestay perfectly situated by the beach and a short drive to the old town.  This family run guesthouse has a wonderful bistro attached to it and is just a 3 minute walk to the beach!  In the spirit of full disclosure we worked with the An Bang Memory Homestay for 2 nights; you can find out more about that at the bottom of this post but for now lets talk about Hoi An and the BEACH!

Where to stay in Hoi An

You have two choices when coming to Hoi An, stay in the old town, or stay at the beach!  If you’re a beach goer like me (grew up with the Jersey Shore so I’m definitely all about the beach) then the An Bang Memory Homestay is right for you.

Each room comes with a beautiful queen size bed, spacious bathroom with a rainfall shower and a lush garden to relax in.  We spent lots of time lounging out on the patio and were able to get some work done making this place great for business travel too.  But most of you heading to Hoi An aren’t traveling for business so lets talk a bit more about the pleasure that you can find in this wonderful UNESCO city.

You can easily watch the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from An Bang beach since its just a 3 minute walk to get there!  If getting up at the crack of dawn isn’t your thing you can still sunbathe and swim to your hearts content.  Better yet, head to the old town and get some tailoring done then relax on the beach in between fittings!

Where to Eat in Hoi An

An Bang Memory Bistro serves delicious western food and they are about to come out with a stellar Vietnamese menu too!  We were able to sample a lot of it in our short stay and they even treated us to some of those Vietnamese ones that aren’t on the menu yet.  Trust me when I say it was ALL good.   From tacos to ice cream fruit smoothies and delicious braised pork, the An Bang Bistro is definitely one of the best restaurants in all of Hoi An!

Things to do in Hoi An

  1. Bike Ride to the rice fields and vegetable farms
  2. See the old town
  3. Light a floating lantern for good luck
  4. Get some custom tailored clothing!
  5. Rent a motorbike and drive to Marble Mountain
  6. Explore My Son (by motorbike or with a guided tour)
  7. Relax on An Bang beach
  8. Snorkel at Cham Island
  9. Drive around the Son Tra Peninsula

We ate almost every meal at the bistro and would definitely recommend stopping by even if you aren’t staying at AnBang Memory Homestay.  Just head out the main entrance from the beach and take your first left.  The open air bistro is just ahead on the right.  While your at it tell them Mike from LiveTravelTeach said hello and that you should try the tacos!

Hoi An is a wonderful place to rent a motorbike and explore with a bit more freedom.  The An Bang Memory has bikes for rent to ride into the farmland or old town.  If you are up for a longer ride then rent a motorbike and go on a Top Gear adventure you can drive past Danang up to the Hai Van Pass or Son Tra Peninsula!

Hotels in Hoi An

An Bang Memory is the ideal spot for couples traveling to Hoi An.  Their rooms are romantic before you even add all the charm that Hoi An brings in.  Whether your on a vacation, honeymoon or enjoying retirement you should stay at the An Bang Memory!  The only trouble is they only have 3 rooms built right now so you better reserve ahead of time!  (They are planning a few more at a new location 100m down the road but the best thing to do is reserve your stay online right now!  They give you peace of mind for your credit card info and if you book through any of the links in this post you’ll be supporting LiveTravelTeach at no extra cost to you!

No matter where you stay in Hoi An you are sure to enjoy it.  Almost every traveler I met in Vietnam said that they extended their trip in Hoi An and that happened to me BOTH times I visited Hoi An.  So if you’re planning for just a day or two I’d recommend changing your itinerary before you even arrive or making sure you have a few flex days built into your trip to Vietnam because I’m sure you will love Hoi An too!

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Disclaimer:  This is the internet and It is safe to assume that links and content contained on a webpage provides compensation to t website’s owner.  This particular post was created as part of a partnership between LiveTravelTeach and the Ivy Hotel.  Free rooms were exchanged for creating the video you saw above, creation of this post and helping with other items around the hotel.

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Marina September 12, 2017 - 9:59 pm

That food looks really good. What was it like on the beach? Was there any shade or are you out in the sun at all times?

Mike Still September 15, 2017 - 1:33 am

The food was DELICIOUS! The beach had chairs you could rent but we were cheap and just sat on the beach. Definitely got a sunburn because of it so I’d say its worth $5 for a nice lounge chair in the shade if you’re going to bring a book and hang out all day.

Mike Still September 19, 2017 - 8:34 pm

Hey Marina,

How are you and Brian doing? We were in the shade most of the time because we hung out near the beach a lot. If you want shade on the actual beach you have to pay a few dollars for a lounge chair with an umbrella. They are totally worth it if you’ll be there for a while but we were so busy doing everything else that we decided no to rent one.



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