AsiaTravChat – A weekly Twitter Chat about Living & Traveling in Asia

by Mike Still
AsiaTravChat – A weekly Twitter Chat about Living & Traveling in Asia

#AsiaTravChat is a twitter chat focused on living & Traveling around Asia.  We meet online every Tuesday evening at 7pm Korean Time.  I’m Mike (@LiveTravelTeach) and I started this twitter chat with cohosts Samantha of @ExpatAndTheCity and Kate from @TOSeoulcialite.  Together we are excited to bring you new questions to inspire you to visit or move to Asia.  If you have any suggestions for questions let us know and we’ll consider them for next week!

How to join #AsiaTravChat

  1. Its easy.  Simply log onto twitter and use the hashtag #AsiaTravChat on Tuesday January 31st starting at 7pm KST (Korean Standard Time)!
    • Use this link to a time zone converter to see what time #AsiaTravChat is in your city!
    • 3:30pm New Dehli
    • 5pm Bangkok
    • 6pm Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei & Manilla
    • 7pm Seoul & Tokyo
    • 9pm Sydney
    • 11pm Auckland
  2. We will tweet out questions every 10 minutes with the Q1, Q2, etc. to help everyone stay organized.
  3. Answer each question using A1, A2, etc.
  4. Feel free to ask your own questions using #AsiaTravChat!

What is a Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a live Twitter event.  To filter all the chatter on Twitter into a single conversation a hashtag is used. A set time is also established so that the moderator, guest or host is available to engage in the conversation.

(Source: Forbes Magazine)

#AsiaTravChat Week 4 Theme

Every week will have its own theme but since its our first week we are starting with the theme Jobs in Asia.

#AsiaTravChat Week 4 Questions

Here are the questions.  See you on Tuesday!

Q1 Have you ever/do you work in Asia?  Tell us about it! #AsiaTravChat

Q2 What is the best place to find jobs in Asia?  #AsiaTravChat

Q3 What are some of the drawbacks to working in asia? #AsiaTravChat

Q4 What are some of the major cultural differences you’ve seen in the workplace?  #AsiaTravChat

Q5 Share a funny story or memory about working in asia?  #AsiaTravChat

Q6 Share a photo of something fun/you are proud of from working in Asia.  #AsiaTravChat

 Questions will be posted in approximately 10 minute intervals

Week 1 #AsiaTravChat Stats

In the first week of AsiaTravChat we has  92 posts from 13 users and a reach of 25,866 with 201,967 Impressions!  Join us week 3 to make it even bigger!

Even if you can’t make it to this weeks live chat feel free to tweet using the hashtag #AsiaTravChat and join us next time!  Or if you use a scheduler like Buffer feel free to join us that way.