CPIS’s hagwon atrocity continues

by Mr Mike

Earlier today I got this anonymous comment on my Last week at CPIS post.

I wish I would have read your blog before signing a contract with CPIS! I am currently working here and find it to be the biggest group of unprofessionals to ever exist. Before I even came to Korea the school was nutty. (After 6 months of paperwork and hundreds of dollars) They told me that if my visa did not come back in time that my job offer was gone. It came through just in time and I was sent to Korea the next day. The horror continued as I arrived in Korea late one Sunday night. I was put into a filthly basement room where the toilet had been overflowing all over the ground – for what appeared to be weeks (I will spare the details but it was DISGUSTING!).
This school has switched through 3 directors and two presidents/owners. This will be our third contract (in 2.5 months) this coming week, and I have experienced many missed pay days. We still do not have health insurance, yet they have been taking money out of our checks every month. Our pension has not been added into our accounts, we call the pension agency daily… (Wondering where all my money is going!). tweet

I could keep going… but I can’t believe this school has caused my life this much added stress. For those out there who may read this prior to signing a contract, DO NOT DO IT! As of May, 2014 this school has not changed a bit. The ridiculous continues into another year… tweet

It deeply saddens me to know that as many as 9 foreigners are facing what seems to be worsening conditions to what I had to deal with.  If you happen to be one of those unlucky individuals stuck with CPIS’ disaster of a “school” let me know how I can help! (You can find my facebook or  I struggled through it but managed to get a letter of release and a new job.  Korea is awesome; don’t let a crappy hagwon spoil that for you!

After getting this message I contacted the pension department with a few of my cohorts.  We discovered that although we were paid the rest of our paychecks somewhere in the scuffle December’s pension payment was still missing.  That’s roughly $100 from our paycheck that they stole and were supposed to match for just over $200 missing in our pension accounts.  We aren’t gonna roll over and let them steal from us.  The current plan is to swing by CPIS in the near future.  At least we’ll get to visit some of our favorite restaurants after…

Mr Mike

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