Deep Sea Fishing & Fireworks at Hajodae Beach, Yangyang – Seoul Hiking Group

by Mike Still
Deep Sea Fishing & Fireworks at Hajodae Beach, Yangyang – Seoul Hiking Group

A relaxing day on Hajodae beach is the best medicine after a strenuous day on Dinosaur Ridge in Seoraksan National Park.  Ronda and I opted for a day of R&R instead of biking 50km along the eastern coast.  We were joined by a handful of other beach goers as yoga, sand castles & raw seaweed filled our morning.

Hajodae beach

Hajodae beach is by far one of Korea’s best beaches!  The long stretch of flat smooth sand is practically empty and well groomed.  Scattered rocks enhance the scenery and there’s even a little lookout on the southern side.

Directions to Hajodae Beach
Take an intercity or express bus to Yangyang.
Many bus stations won’t go directly there so look for Sokcho instead.
One way bus ticket will cost you about 17,000won and is about 4 hours from Seoul.
Alternatively join a tour group like Seoul Hiking Group!

Hajodae beach 2

One of my favorite things about Korea is the ever present delivery man.  They’ve got McDelivery and more in the cities so it shouldn’t surprise you that a delicious chicken lunch (with beer of course) can be delivered to your beach-side towel or tent!

We built a sand castle with a moat!

We built a sand castle with a moat!

Before sunset we jumped on a local fishing boat for a few hours of “deep sea” fishing.  Using traditional Korean fishing “rods.”  Well no they aren’t even close to rods.  Let’s just call them fishing thingies.  Using traditional Korean fishing thingies we dropped anchor within site of shore.

Korean Deep Sea Fishing "Rods"

Korean Deep Sea Fishing “Rods”

How to Book Deep Sea Fishing
We walked into a local store and simply asked if we could rent a boat.
It was between 20,000won per person (min 10 people) for 2 hours with a 50,000 deposit


17 foreigners on 2 boats and 50 or more fish later the sun began to set.  Our captain carved up a few of our prey for a sushi snack before we went back in leaving Christian and myself the only two not to catch anything 🙁

_DSC8167 _DSC8120 _DSC8209 _DSC8250

Back on shore we enjoyed a typical Seoul Hiking Group dinner enhanced with grilled fish & fish stew (compliments of Jerry!)  As the party started a noise complaint sent everyone to the beach where I organized a bonfire before setting up a tripod and encouraging fireworks for trick photography!

_DSC8423 _DSC8307 _DSC8562 Hajodae fireworks _DSC8513 _DSC8571

Whether you’re in the mood to relax, want to fish, swim, dive or surf Hajodae is the place to be!  Stay tuned for more!  What’s your favorite beach in Korea?

Wait, you wanted to see more photos?  Okay scroll down and enjoy!


_DSC8521 _DSC8524 _DSC8525 _DSC8528 _DSC8539 _DSC8358 _DSC8382
_DSC8554 _DSC8113 _DSC8130 _DSC8185 _DSC8190 _DSC8204 _DSC8206 _DSC8256 _DSC8258 _DSC8262 _DSC8292

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