Essential Preparations for Epic Camping Trips

by Mike Still
Essential Preparations for Epic Camping Trips

Essential Preparations for Epic Camping Trips

Who doesn’t love waking up to the sounds of birdsong and animal life? Opening your tent to look out at nature on your doorstep. Stepping outside into untamed beauty, super-fresh air, and water trickling and gargling nearby. This is what every morning of an epic camping trip feels like.

However, many sorely anticipated camping holidays are cut short by a lack of planning and preparation. You need to know the local rules so that you don’t run afoul of the authorities. Packing the essentials will avoid you from running out of food, freezing, getting lost, or being otherwise stymied.

This guide will help you plan for a smooth trip and happy memories.

Finding the Right Site

With the lifting of Covid restrictions, most people look forward to spending time outdoors, preferably in nature. (Unless you’re a shopaholic rushing off to the malls.) There is an abundance of camping sites to choose from and you should reserve ahead of time rather than aiming to drift from place to place.  

Introduce yourself to the camp host and talk about your itinerary with them for local tips and so someone knows where to look if you are late to return. There may be limitations of two to four weeks on how long you can stay at the site. Permits are often required.

Some places provide camping buses to take you to the camping grounds and others are only accessible by boat. In some instances, you have to hike between sites. Know your route and how you will be getting around. Pack the right gear (e.g., hiking boots and warm jackets) for the demands of your trip. 

Camping Essentials You Should Pack

Always pack more food and water than you need. Vital items to take with you are maps of the area, a compass (know how to use it), a flashlight, spare batteries, matches, and an emergency heat-retaining blanket. You will also need a sleeping bag, tent, first aid kit, fire starter, water bottle, pocketknife, biodegradable toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. 

Choose clothing that allows you to dress in layers so that you can increase or decrease warmth. Appropriate foot- and headgear will depend on where you are going. Consider how you will make meals and coffee and make a packing list of the items a week or more ahead of time. Do you need camping chairs, tumblers, water bottles? You can shop at SSENSE for these and other camping essentials from Snow Peak. Snow Peak offers all kinds of outdoor living essentials.

Fun Items

If you are taking your dog with you on your camping trip, he might need warm clothing, food and water bowls, a dog bed, and food. Theo loves camping with us and even has his own pack.  Talk to your veterinarian for dog backpack suggestions to fit your dog.  A bag of kibble in the dog’s pack is easiest, especially if he shares leftovers with the family. Your dog should always have access to clean drinking water too.  Dry climates can be disastrous if you don’t plan ahead (see camping essentials above) Oh, and don’t forget the treats (for both you and the dog).

Children of all ages will need some additional form of entertainment, such as a source for music (with headphones) for teens, and toys for younger children. Binoculars can spark an interest in nature and bird watching. Useful field guides include books on insects, flowers, birds, and the night sky stars. Sketching books or notebooks can be great for budding artists/writers.

A well-planned camping trip brings family members closer together and teaches an appreciation of nature.  

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Mike Still
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