Handmade Leather Goods by Galen Leather

by Mike Still
Handmade Leather Goods by Galen Leather

I got an email from Galen leather over the summer explaining that my love of travel would make me the perfect candidate to review one of their handmade leather goods.  I quickly told them that their entire collection looked great and I really loved the crazy horse brown look.  A few weeks later I got a lovely package from Istanbul with a handmade leather portfolio and I knew it would be perfect for both blogging and my classroom!

When you purchase handmade leather goods on the internet, it’s hard to fully grasp the leathery feeling,  Does it have that earthy smell of authentic, vegetable, tanned leather or is it some Chinese knockoff?  Well, I can assure you that this Turkish leather portfolio has all of those touches letting me know that it is, in fact, genuine leather for sale by Galen.

Galen’s YouTube Channel shows a few recommended setups for your portfolio. 

Galen offers a Turkish leather portfolio that doubles as a leather notebook cover!

I got the large A4 Portfolio which is ideal for carrying papers, folders, notebooks or even an iPad around in.  It functions kind of like a leather notebook cover and is incredibly versatile.  There are extra elastic straps (not pictured) allowing you to customize it however you see fit.

All of Galen’s goods are handcrafted leather and can be personalized however you like.  Remember, good things take time so be patient!
Orders from Galen leather typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive at international destinations around the world. 

I tried putting a notebook inside the back pockets but lately I’ve been using them to sort my folders of classwork.  Graded papers on the right, ungraded on the left; or perhaps today I’ve got my math lessons on the left and reading on the right. 

I prefer the Crazy Horse Brown design but Galen offers 14+ colors to choose from.

My notebook easily slides into either pocket and I’d love to be doing lots of writing with it but lately its been devoted to teacher meetings.  This week I’ve got parent-teacher conferences so I’ll end up with more of my student’s writing in it than my own!

Galen is the name of the founder’s favorite precious stone and also, the more commonly known name of famous philosopher, Claudius Galenus, born in Pergamon (present-day Bergama, Turkey – a city famous for leather)

I keep a few colored pens in it and tried to stuff my laptop inside the other pocket at one point but then remembered it’s made for a tablet and A4 paper.  My brother’s iPad fits perfectly inside either pocket along with a notebook or folder of work to be graded.

Galen offers a large assortment of Apple accessories with leather Macbook sleeves, leather iPhone wallets, and much more.  After browsing their website and enjoying my high-quality portfolio I’m sure that their entire collection will make a great gift for next Christmas!

The left side of this portfolio is versatile and great for all those little things you don’t know how to store on the go.  There are two pockets perfect for a phone, post its or other devices along with two business card slots.  My portfolio came with 5 slots for pens but I’ve decided to throw a dry-erase marker in one and USB charging cable in another.

Check out Galen Leather on Instagram for some great photos of their entire collection.

 The right side has a large pocket, which is great for an iPad or large A4 notebook.  You can customize the direction of these straps and put another device or extra folders, papers or notebooks on this side.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to browse the full spectrum of Galen Leather on their website and let them know Mike from LiveTravelTeach sent you!

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Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by Galen Leather who sent me leather portfolio in exchange for the promise of an honest review and social media sharing.  The opinions here are my own and the information here is accurate as of October 2018.

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Mike Still
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