Hang Son Doong – The World’s Largest Cave

Hang Son Doong is the world’s largest cave.  It was first explored in 2008 and opened to tours through Oxalis in 2014.  I was one of the lucky first to get on these tours and explored the cave in July & August of 2014.  It was a life-changing experience where I met a tribe living in the jungle before camping in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Enjoy these daily recounts full of vivid photographs and an exciting narrative!

Day 1: Through the Jungle to Hang En


Day 2: Phong Nha Jungles & Hang Son Doong Decent

Day 3: Watch out for Dinosaurs


Day 3: The Garden of Edam



Day 4: The Great Wall of Vietnam


Day 4: The Most Glorious Bath Ever Taken


Unfortunately my 3rd spare battery got dunked and I was forced to simply enjoy the splendor inside these caves after Day 4.  The narrative may one day see the light of day but until then I hope you enjoy these articles!


Son Doong is one of the best hikes in the world.  Check out these other great hikes that all over Asia.  Have you been to Son Doong or are you planning on going?  Leave a comment below with questions or your favorite part of the cave!

47 thoughts on “Hang Son Doong – The World’s Largest Cave

    1. The photos are all from August 2014. As far as I know the only way to get into Hang Son Doong is with Oxalis tours and they are usually booked WELL in advance. I was definitely lucky and had been following the cave since it was discovered in 2009 and was one of the first people to sign up.

  1. Wow – your photos are incredible, though I’m sure they don’t do the actual cave justice. Looks a bit scary though – I’d expect creepy monsters to be lurking in the shadows! Lol.

    1. Nothing can do this cave justice except experiencing it firsthand. The only scary critters were some spiders and a few snakes but we kept our distance from them.

  2. Wow, these shots are truly incredible. The lighting looks so atmospheric and the first shot really does do a great job in portraying the vastness of the cave. Unfortunate to hear about your spare battery but nevertheless, a great job capturing a spectacular setting

    1. The atmosphere inside is so unique. At a few points we were even rained on inside the cave because it has its own weather patterns!

  3. Oh wow, there’s something so magical about caves. You’re so lucky to have been able to tour the largest one! Beautiful photos! and meeting a tribe living in the jungle sounds too good to be true! Thanks for sharing your inspirational adventures 🙂

    1. Thanks Olena, It was absolutely amazing. Even though I was so excited to see the caves having tea with the tribe was one of the most memorable parts of the whole experience.

  4. It’s incredible how such a big group of caves have been discovered only in 2008!
    Anyway, I ABSOLUTELY want to go there, I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable, hot, cold or whatever, I want to go there!

    1. If you can handle trekking you’ll love it. Its such a magical place. Gotta plan waaaay ahead though. Oxalis sells out a year or more in advance.

    1. Mary, we explored most of it. There are a few passages that we didn’t go in because there isn’t as much to see. Oxalis is the only company legally allowed to take people into the cave. We camped inside Son Doong for 3 nights and Hang En for 2 nights. Without a doubt the most epic thing I’ve ever done

    1. Anytime you can book a tour with Oxalis is a good time. They sell out WAY in advance. At one point the representative told me they were booked 3 years ahead.

  5. Incredible journey through the caves! The pictures are full of mystery.
    I have visited smaller caves and can sound nothing like yours. So in a way this is inspiring to me.

  6. Whoa, the photos alone make me imagine how massive this cave would be. I did my fair share of spelunking before, but there were some moments when I would feel claustrophobic. You seem to enjoy your adventure in hang son doong. Maybe I would try and conquer some fears and experience something similar next time.

  7. I never asked myself which is the biggest cave in the world and it was really interesting to read this but even more interesting to look at the gorgeous mystical photos (I can’t help it I am more of a visual type of person). Curious to know that it was explored only in 2008 and open in 2014. So soon! Great for you being one of the first visitors, sounds like the perfect experience!

  8. Whoa! Looks magical! Your photos are great man! Will consider going there when I get the chance to travel in Vietnam. This place seems to be interesting in every ways.

  9. This was one of the most awesomely / jaw-dropping posts that are out there!
    Hang Son Doong seems to be an out of this world experience! Mother nature is so full of surprises!

    1. I was thinking of Jules Verne while trekking through the cave! Made me wish I brought that book but instead I had my journal.

  10. This experience must surely be out of the world. The pictures are so intriguing. Caves always evoke in me feelings of excitement and mysterious awe. The world’s largest cave must really be something.

    1. Thanks for reading! It was out of this world indeed, a once in a lifetime experience… now if only I could go back 😉

  11. So awesome that you’ve had the opportunity to get there already. I was just talking about this place with a friend a few weeks back. Note to self, keep batteries in a waterproof case!

  12. Oh wow, this place is incredible! I love caves and adventure travelling in general, but I’ve never seen such a huge place, the interior is just massive!
    Definitely something that will go straight to my bucket list, thanks for sharing!

    1. Its unbelievably large and an incredible experience if you like adventures. Glad you found it and hope one day you can cross it off your bucket list!

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