Hang Son Doong Itinerary – Day 3

by Mr Mike

Our first full day inside Hang Son Doon.  Literally translating to “mountain river cave,” I’m hoping to see some of these interior cloud systems that this recently discovered monstrosity sports.  If I’m lucky you’ll be lucky in a few weeks and I can share my up close and personal photos!  For now you’ll have to settle for this National Geographic video as I embark on the “toughest day of the tour.”

Day 3 – July 27th

[Possibly the toughest day of the tour but with lots of great situations from stunning river valleys to  the first underground camp in Son Doong often with its own cloud system.    Truly amazing.]

8.00  Breakfast

9.00  Start through Hang En.  Reach the stunning exit after about 30 minutes.  Crossing the river as  soon as we leave camp, so wet feet all day.  Follow the river valley for about 1 hour walking in the river a lot.  Leave the river and climb the hill to near Son Doong entrance.  Have a break and lunch.  Put on safety harnesses and go down to the entrance (some short climbs).  Descend entrance climbs using ropes and lifelines with guide.  NO abseiling or rappelling.  Some more climbs and rocky sections to reach the river crossings.  Cross the river twice, knee to thigh deep.  Have a wash at the second river crossing.  Leave the river and enter the large passage of Son Doong.  Rocky footpath with scrambling.  Some big drops, so care is required.  Spectacular views of Hand of Dog and first doline.

Drop down into camp before the first doline.  Large sandy area in daylight.  No washing facilities.  Composting toilets. Dinner and camp.

Mr Mike

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