Hang Son Doong Itinerary – Day 5

by Mr Mike

Keep the roughing it going!  I imagine by today I’m still super excited about being in the cave but possibly longing for something other than a composting toilet.  No time to think about pooping now.  There’s more caving to do!  For those of you at home you can check out this interactive Nat Geo map and see where I’ve been!

Day 5 – July 29th

[Another truly full-on day with many fantastic locations.]

8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Start to wall of Vietnam.  Large dry passage, easy going.  Large stalagmites and good views back to doline.  White cave fish, woodlouse, spiders, shrimps, all new species. Large cave pearls.  Climb down boulders to start of muddy passage to the wall.  At times this may be a lake and require the use of an inflatable boat.  Otherwise you will get wet and muddy up to your knees.  This is not compulsory but quite popular!!!  People who wish to stay dry can stop in the large passage.  Return to campsite for lunch.  Return to the first doline and take the small oxbow passage above the river.  Rope climb using lifeline.  Rocky sections, care required.  Return to first campsite, and visit fossil passage to see 350 million year old coral fossils.  Rocky, boots, lamp and helmet needed.  Some small pools for washing.

Have dinner and camp.

Mr Mike

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