Hang Son Doong Itinerary – Day 6

by Mr Mike

Departing the cave will undoubtedly be bitter sweet.  I wonder how long appetite for adventure will be sedated for.  Since my journal and photos aren’t ready to go online just yet you can check out National Geographic’s first expedition write up here!

Day 6 – July 30th
[See a beautiful viewpoint and start heading back out of Son Doong and to Hang En.]

8.00 Breakfast

9.00 Start back.  Climb up to National Geographic viewpoint.  Steep and care required.  Descend back to main passage, cross river twice and proceed to entrance climbs.  Put on harnesses and climb out.

Climb up to entrance camp for lunch.  Descend to river for a long awaited swim and wash.  Walk down the river to Hang En and follow the river through the cave and back to camp.

Swimming/washing in the river next to the camp.  Dinner and rice wine with the porter team.

Another night in this awesome campsite.  Swimming next to the campsite is very popular.

Mr Mike

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