Hang Son Doong Itinerary – Day 7

by Mr Mike

Today I should be making my way back to civilization and this will be the last of my automated posts.  I’m taking a 7:30 AM bus tomorrow, August 1st, to Hue where I hopefully will internet access (If I don’t have any by tonight).  After checking Facebook (obviously) I’ll try to Skype with my family and get a quick post up here to relieve my mom and anyone else questioning my sanity for this adventure!  If I didn’t make it out Ben can have my room, oh wait he lives in Texas and my parents already are renting it.

I guess I’ll have to follow John Oliver’s cue and leave you with an adorable video of a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito as a thank you for following me through this awesome week!

The next 16 days will be spent making my way south to Ho Chi Mihn City, on to Siem Reap in Cambodia and flying back to Hanoi before returning to Seoul on the 18th.  Ill update when I can as I stop in relaxing & cultural sites along the way.

Day 7 – July 31st

Depending on the weather we sometimes leave the camp early to beat the sun and usually arrive back at the drop off point at around midday.  Back to the hotel for a shower and final meal and party at 6pm.


Mr Mike

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