Holi Hai – Busan – Bangawoyo

by Mike Still
Holi Hai – Busan – Bangawoyo

After a great day at Jinhae’s Cherry Blossom Festival our Bangawoyo tour headed to Busan to party it up Indian style at Holi Hai.

Holi Hai
16 Day Indian festival welcoming spring
South Korea celebrates in Busan

Holi Hai is the biggest celebration in the world with over 1.2 billion people participating across the globe. It was my 2nd time welcoming spring in Busan and another great day at Haeundae Beach!


The festival starts with some music and refreshments as everyone arrives wearing white. The organizers distribute powdered paint and bring a DJ along to get the party started. This time they had 4 different countdowns where the beach erupted with a rainbow of joy.

Not sure where to stay in Busan? Read this guide to help you plan the trip!


_DSC3165 _DSC3238
Holi Hai celebrates spring and color but also plurality and acceptance. It is a truly fantastic experience that I highly recommend joining in if you get a chance. The original Holi in Mumbai is on my bucket list and I’m hoping to cross it off next year to kick off an epic post-Korea backpacking trip!

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Dancing around on one of South Korea’s best beaches is the perfect way to spend your day.  Watch from afar or dive in the crowd as people toss powdered paint everywhere.  The celebration is sure to bring a smile to your face and help you see the joy in life.  Peace, love and spring colors flow freely all day long.



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