How to plan a daily travel budget

by Mr Mike
How to plan a daily travel budget

The best thing to do when budgeting your travel is to make a list of all your expected expenses. We all know to factor in housing, food, transportation, entertainment, excursions and some misc money for souvenirs or emergencies but how do I know what that will cost in different countries?  Exchange rates are always confusing and only get tougher the more places you visit.  I’ve been traveling Asia for nearly 2 years and my favorite planning tool is  
Budget Your trip

This website is fantastic!  It gives you a break down daily expected costs for 10 different categories ranging from accommodation to food or entertainment.  You can see sample expenses based on actual traveler’s experiences.

1st pick your destination.  Next decide if you are a budget, mid-range or luxury traveler.  I like to check all 3 out and usually settle on something between budget & mid-range like staying in a mid-range hostel but then doing a lot of free activities & cheap meals.  Once I figure out my mid-range accommodation costs & budget expenses I add 10-20% on top and plan to spend that amount.  That way I’m happy I usually end up under budget on my trips and still get to do everything I want!

Check it out, play around and let me know what you think.  What’s your favorite travel planning website?  What travel hacks do you use?

Mr Mike

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