Jinju Lantern Festival – Seoul Hiking Group

by Mr Mike
Jinju Lantern Festival – Seoul Hiking Group

Jinju’s lantern festival began as a bustling Asian market and finished off with a flashy evening display.  Seoul Hiking Group arrived in Jinju for my first time as trip leader in the late afternoon.  We strolled past booth after booth of locally produced goods and endless stalls filled with Korean street food.

Jinju5 Jinju10 Jinju9 Jinju8 Jinju7 Jinju6

Jinju is famous for silk production and the festival had a display of silk worms at different stages.  The last tank showed how the bugs munch on leaves that have been sprayed different colors turning each worm into a colored silk weaving machine.

Jinju11 Jinju4Jinju53

Wandering through the riverside we snacked from tent to tent before being engrossed by a hand powered coffee press adjacent to a wooden pencil maker.  These experts were just a sampling of the local skills that were showcased before the sun went down.Jinju3Jinju2

Settling in along the river with a hearty plate of roast pig and bottles of makkeoli we eagerly awaited the 8pm fireworks display.  Like clockwork the first rocket soared into the air at precisely 8pm lighting up the sky with a rainbow of colors as the lanterns floated beneath.

Jinju14 Jinju13

Jinju27 Jinju28 Jinju29 Jinju31

After the fireworks we had a few more hours to gaze at each unique lantern representing dozens of countries from around the world.  America had the Statute of Liberty, France touted a mounted Napoleon, Australia a pair of boxing kangaroos and Italy the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Korean designers pick a symbol for each nation and design an elaborate paper lantern to proudly display along the river.

Jinju24 Jinju23 Jinju20 Jinju19 Jinju21 Jinju26 Jinju16 Jinju17 Jinju18 Jinju22


Further down I found a motorized multi-colored dragon (gif coming soon!) before heading into the bamboo forest and peeking at massive paper lantern masks.  The bamboo forest itself was a small spectacle and I would love to visit its larger cousin someday.  After exiting the forest I made my way back towards the bus stopping at a few animal lanterns to snap some final pictures before our journey to Namhae for tomorrows Oktoberfest!

Jinju32 Jinju33 Jinju34 Jinju36 Jinju37 Jinju38 Jinju39 Jinju40 Jinju42 Jinju43 Jinju44 Jinju45 Jinju46 Jinju47 Jinju48 Jinju49 Jinju50 Jinju51 Jinju52 Jinju54

Mr Mike

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