Jirisan – The Descent

by Mr Mike
Jirisan – The Descent

Descending Jirisan is no simple task.  After relaxing on the peak for nearly an hour and seeing a helicopter rescue we finally decided to get moving.  Before we actually climbed down we had a few kilometers of trail to cover on the ridgeline.

_DSC2677 _DSC2681 _DSC2683

Traveling among the clouds we enjoyed the youthgiving mountain air and stunning views. To the horizon and beyond all you could see were mountains and valleys.  Although Spring was blooming below it was oddly dead at this altitude.

_DSC2684 _DSC2686 _DSC2687 _DSC2688 _DSC2690 _DSC2695 _DSC2698

The ridgeline’s steady downgrade only had a few uphills thrown in.  It made for a wonderful stroll before we got to the first shelter.  While there we had a chance to refill our water, sit in the shade and enjoy a few “choco pies” from the quartermaster.  Silly me only brought a giant bag of trail-mix thinking I’d be able to pick up gimbap along the way.  I devoured a few of these snacks before beginning the real descent and seeing my first greenery of the day.

_DSC2704 _DSC2708 _DSC2718

Steps after steps; for some reason we forgot that 1900+ meters up also meant 1900+ meters down:(    At least there was a babbling brook to follow.  By now all the animals of the forest had woken up and birds and insects joined the river’s beautiful symphony!


Playing with my tripod & long exposures


Playing with my tripod & long exposures


Playing with my tripod & long exposures




Following the stream we eventually came to a massive rock riverbed.  The path swerved through the stones and we paused for a quick photoshoot!


perfect camouflage!


Playing with my tripod & long exposures


Playing with my tripod & long exposures

_DSC2803 _DSC2834 _DSC2837 _DSC2844


We took a brief rest in these gorgeous pools. The chilly water refreshed us all as we dipped our feet and snoozed in the shade.  Back on the trail I was suddenly aware of the the forest looming overhead!  The shade it provided was welcome in the heat of the afternoon.  Were we really hiking for 10 hours already?  Only a few more to go!

_DSC2850 _DSC2857 _DSC2862 _DSC2867 _DSC2873

Before we knew it nature’s lullaby guided us to the park entrance.   It was hard to believe how green it was down here with the barren peak above.  Jirisan, you were a bitch to climb but the natural beauty you showed me made it all worth it!

_DSC2879 _DSC2880 _DSC2883 _DSC2884

Mr Mike

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Kat May 30, 2014 - 1:38 pm

‘Jirisan you were a bitch to climb but the natural beauty you showed me made it all worth it’ – I felt exactly that when I finally descended mountain rinjiani in Lombok. Precious unforgettable moments of travelling 🙂

Mr Mike May 30, 2014 - 3:55 pm

If it were easy everyone would do it. The crazy adventures are my favorites

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Ana November 11, 2014 - 1:27 pm

Hey, Mike =) love your writings!
so clouds below the mountain is not that common thing in Jirisan?
2 weeks ago it was my first time hiking Jirisan, and I thought that stunning view is what you usually see there…

Mr Mike November 11, 2014 - 1:35 pm


Thanks for reading! I’m glad you like my writing 🙂

I’ve only been to Jirisan one other time and it was rolling hills as far a the eyes could see. From what I understand these clouds are common if it rains overnight (or even maybe if its raining during the day). Rain clouds tend to be below 2000 meters and the top of Jirisan is at 1915m so I guess its just luck. Makes me want to go hiking on more rainy days though!


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