Korean Oktoberfest on Namhae Island – Seoul Hiking Group

by Mr Mike
Korean Oktoberfest on Namhae Island – Seoul Hiking Group

Namhae, a gorgeous island of the southern coast off South Korea hosts a German Oktoberfest every year.  We arrived in the wee hours of the morning after enjoying Jinju’s lantern festival and I happily awoke to a beautiful harbor with some adorable graffiti painted along the wavebreaks.

_DSC3205 _DSC3208 _DSC3212 _DSC3215

Our pension was a mere kilometer away from the German Village; we enjoyed coastal views and some authentic brews as we walked to the top where a small town center awaited us._DSC3228

Traditional German red rooftops reminded me of my grandmother’s hometown Dahn, a quaint German village tucked into the south-eastern Bavarian hills.  Namhae’s German Village mimicked the German style after an influx of immigrants turned it from touristic to authentic.

_DSC3250 _DSC3246 _DSC3277

Before the parade began we happily joined some German men for a barbecue in their backyard.  Homemade brats and buns were certainly a highlight of the day, second only to the ongoing party at the top of the hill.


knickknacks were for sale in every shop and even at a few garage sales. Most of them were German trinkets but I liked these elephants the best 🙂


Korean Oktoberfest on Namhae Island

_DSC3240 _DSC3278 _DSC3287

We followed a Korean parade paying homage to their German neighbors with costumes and music happily entertaining us all.  The festivities continued at the peak in a courtyard filled with flavors of Oktoberfest.  There were 3 different Hofbrauhaus brews, Maisel Weiss, Bitburger and more on tap.

_DSC3293 _DSC3314 _DSC3279

The handful of wursts to pick from kept our stomachs satisfied as the stage showed more homage to Oktoberfest in a way that only Korea could pull off.  Youth Taekwondo stars took the stage in a dazzling mixture of combat and dance culminating in a Michael Jackson skit that stole the hearts of all.

_DSC3378 _DSC3360 _DSC3326

We were serenaded by a Korean 5 piece oom-pa-pa band that switched between jazz, German tunes and pleasing the crowd with a wide range of Beatles songs.  A salsa duo dazzled us before the evening got back to its German roots with a German exchange student playing the accordion.  Peter, the accordionist, got everyone dancing gleefully as the party continued late into the evening.


Katie got into a drinking competition after I convinced her to dance like a maniac!


Mr Mike

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