Longshan Temple – Taipei, Taiwan

by Mr Mike
Longshan Temple – Taipei, Taiwan

Even if you only have a half day in Taipei make sure you get to the Longshan Temple!  Its a stunning Buddhist temple with regular visitors and local parishoners.  Founded in 1738 as a haven for Chinese immigrants from Fujian the settlers built Longshan in honor of Kuan-in the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

Long Shao Temple

How to get to Longshan Temple
MRT Station: Longshan Station
Hours: 6am to 10pm
Fee: Free


Longshan (alternately spelled Lungshan) was erected in the Manka district of Taipei.  It was dedicated after the Lungshan temple in their home town and aptly named for the root temple.

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Today the temple is an epicenter off tourism as one of the oldest & largest temples in Taiwan.  It is also widely popular with the locals who use it as a regular place of worship.  The pious Taiwanese bring offerings of fresh fruit, baked goods, and other delicious foods.  You can see dozens of them buying insence or candles to use in their prayers.  I love the authenticity of Longshan and you will too.

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Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the experience with all of your senses!  Incense smoke wafts throughout the temple pleasing your olfactory gland as the wonderful aroma calms you to get ready for a night in the nearby markets.

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As you leave the temple you’ll be sure to notice the fountain & waterfall flanking the exit of this beautiful temple!
Longshan Fountain

Mr Mike

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