Media Kit

by Mike Still

Are you interested in working with Live, Travel Teach?  Check out our media kit below for more information about what you’ll get by partnering with us!  For testimonials from our past partners be sure to click on page #2


I have contributed to over 100 other websites, one of my most recent collaborations was with Redfin; a real estate blog.

“Nestled between the Chugach Mountains and the shores of the Cook Inlet, Anchorage, AK, boasts a wealth of stunning natural beauty that attracts visitors from far and wide. From towering peaks to crystal-clear lakes, and everything in between, the city offers a breathtaking range of outdoor attractions for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Whether you’re looking to rent an apartment in Anchorage or are searching for a home in the area, Redfin reached out to us to share our favorite beautiful places in the city. Be sure to check out 11 Beautiful Places in Anchorage: A Look at the City’s Most Stunning Destinations.”