Leaving Korea

by Mike Still

This is the second time I’m selling everything I own and donating what ever doesn’t fit on the plane. Last time I had a backpack and 2 massive suit cases. This time its just the backpack.   I’m also shipping about 4 boxes to my parents back in America but for the foreseeable future I will be living out of my 50L pack. It’ll be at least 4 or 5 months and my goal is to live, travel and teach my way across Asia!

I’ll be maintain this blog as I backpack from India to Vietnam and with what many call luck (but I’m hoping is really hard work and perseverance) to make Live, Travel, Teach into a true online publication.  I will continue to write and plan to post every Tuesday but am also accepting guest posts.  I am establishing partnerships with various brands and look forward to bringing you content about countries all around the world!


Yesterday we moved out of my apartment but thankfully Ronda’s new job gave her a studio apartment.  I’m only half a nomad this week as the 2 of us squeeze into her new place.  I’ve sent home 2 boxes and have 2 more with some work clothes, souvenirs and classroom supplies.  Everything else HAS to fit in my backpack.

My gear list for backpacking Asia

  • journal
  • reading book (I want to exchange with a kindle)
  • collapsable drawstring daybag
  • flipflops
  • hiking boots
  • hoodie sweatshirt
  • 1 warm long sleeve shirt
  • 1 pair thai fishing pants
  • 2 pairs wool socks
  • 1 pair athletic socks
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 1 pair gym shorts
  • 1 pair long gym pants
  • 1 short sleeve t-shirt
  • 3 sleeveless shirts
  • 5 boxers
  • headlamp
  • ipod & charger
  • phone & charger
  • rain cover for backpack
  • poncho
  • laptop
  • camera
  • lenses
  • tripod
  • passport wallet

I still need to buy the following but with any luck that’ll be done this afternoon!

  • caribeners
  • travel towel
  • travel power adapter
  • neoprene camera case
  • business cards

The mix of emotions as I leave my life behind yet again is often smothered by the long list of things I need to take care of before leaving.  My visas are mostly in order but I still have to pick up my passport from the Indian embassy.  I’m applying for an International Driver’s Permit, getting business cards made and still have to buy the items above.

Oh and lets not forget the fundraiser I’m holding Saturday for Cool Earth.  My Rickshaw Run team has raised over 60% of our £2000.00 goal; you can donate directly to us at GG.GG/DONATECOOLEARTH

I want to take a moment to  thank all of the generous fundraiser sponsors so far!
Mix & Malt, Sprout, Create Wellness Center, Plant, Seoul Hiking Group, Wink Taphouse & Grill,  Wink Travels

Saturday night at 8pm at The Hidden Cellar in HBC is my last hurrah here in Seoul.  I’ll be running a raffle for all the donated prizes with everything from a bottle of whiskey to massage, travel and restaurant vouchers.  Right now we have over $300 in prizes and the donations are still coming in!

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Mike Still
Mike is a travel enthusiast, photographer and teacher. He loves adventure travel, meeting the locals and exploring new culture. As an outdoor enthusiast you can often find him hiking mountains or exploring forests trying to capture the beauty of mother nature. In 2013 he founded www.LiveTravelTeach.com as he left his home in America and has been teaching or traveling around the world ever since!

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