Crazy Multiply – Archaioposterus – my first art show

by Mr Mike
Crazy Multiply – Archaioposterus – my first art show

Last weekend my photography was featured in Crazy Multiply’s art show, Archaioposterus!  After submitting almost 50 photos the curators picked 3 of my shots from Son Doong for Archaioposterus.  It was my first show and I can’t wait to join Crazy Multiply as they bring artists together a few times a year for a wonderful night of art and music.


Imagine for a moment that you are walking into Yogiga’s basement venue you were greeted with my photos immediately to your right and a nominal 5,000won($5) entry fee on your left.  If you were lucky enough to arrive early the venue was a nice quiet space to enjoy the art at your leisure.  Maybe even with one of the delicious craft brews or premixed gin & tonics for sale.


First you loop clockwise around the basement passing curator Marina Carsten’s unique embroidery on tobacco and other leafy DNA photos.  (find more of her art here  If they peak your interest they can be found on sale at the merch table in the back. _DSC4343

Next up is a celestial series mimicking a deep blue night sky.  Many patrons stood contemplated whether these pieces were based on real constellations or simply a figment of artist, Megan Ratliff’s imagination.  Pausing for a moment you can’t decide but know that you love the series.  It gets you thinking about the deeper complexities of the universe.



To the right you find Albert Che’s abstract masterpiece and quickly envision a fantasy world before getting lost in the intricate details of this creative piece.  Appropriately comedic Albert jokes about his own digital illustrations on his website claiming to be Khaleesi, the “mother of dragons.”  While his dragon eggs may have just been hot stones the demonic creations on display certainly make him worthy the title._DSC4393

Continuing around the room by now you’d likely see a bit of a crowd as the bands begin sound checking.  The dull murmur continues as you passing sculptures and delicate designs.  Soon you make your way past that merch table selling smaller selections (including my own photos).  Only to be dazzled by Unmaru’s video creation while waiting for that delicious G&T.  The rainbow of colors flowed in and out of itself in a psychedelic fashion that became more vivid as the murmur formulated into notes and chords.



Passing Amy Smith & Tony Clavelli’s collaborate rainbow skeleton a sickening thought jumps into your head.  How many humans were needed for this cadaverous piece.  Luckily Amy is right there to remind you that they were made from a mold before adding a spectrum of hues to the human body.


Opposite the bones it quickly becomes apparent that you found your favorite piece at the show.  Sarah DeRemer’s masterful manipulation of photography creates a stunning effect adored by all who came to Archaioposterus.  Her food & animal splicing has been featured in The New York Post, TIME, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and more.  You make a mental note to visit her website at before moving on.

_DSC4482 _DSC4476 _DSC4358

Adjacent to Sarah’s work you are drawn to two paintings by Brian Nolan, an abstract artist who makes his own paper before letting the image take shape.  You weren’t fortunate enough to watch this process unfold but luckily I can tell you about the creatures jumping out of painted primordial soup.  Brian uses the contours of his recycled paper with an initial splash of color to spark his imagination for these surreal paintings.

_DSC4441 _DSC4444

Making a full circle you’ll pass Jenny Robinson’s cardboard creation; a natural landscape that was a close runner up in my list.  She captured the beauty of a mountainous region with 3-3D panels depicting gorges with some of the winged brethren painted on while others protruded as their own sculpture within the piece.

_DSC4398 _DSC4348 _DSC4509Although most of the art was on sale this particular show you decide to simply buy a few smaller items from the merch table.  Better save it for the next show.

Snapping back to reality, or perhaps the bar for another G&T you suddenly notice that cacophony has became a pleasant set of auditory stimuli.  The music that undoubtedly took hold of you since you recall solo artist Young Palindrome starting the evening.  Her music continues to echo in your mind as if it is still bouncing off the Yogiga walls.


Hatch & the Plan jumped in next with a full assortment of bass, guitar, keyboard & drums.  Their vocal duet blended well with their tunes in the now crowded basement.

_DSC4471 _DSC4449 _DSC4513 _DSC4489

After a brief intermission Baekma brought you back to your childhood with a crowd-sourced madlib before realizing it was in fact all too adult.  Their drummer forever holds a special place in that kid heart of yours after hearing about the taxi’s hit & run that left her bruised but not beaten.  Unfortunately you were staring at the art the whole time and the photographer was preoccupied so you’ll just have to check out their next show to see what they look like!

Nice Legs stole the show with a final performance that drew a professional camera crew.  Jumping around the makeshift stage you glance back at your friends only to realize the entire band has thrown off an article of clothing.  The 3 piece ensemble jumped and jived in fishnet stockings with a hipster flair as the drummer sat shirtless and painted.

_DSC4538 _DSC4543 _DSC4558 _DSC4591 _DSC4596 _DSC4739 _DSC4741

Suddenly the music cuts out. You blink twice and realize that you aren’t in fact in the Yogiga basement.  You missed the entire thing.  Better follow Crazy Multiply on Facebook so you don’t miss the next show!

Mr Mike

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Kathleen Still April 18, 2015 - 2:06 am

Tried a few times at work and at home and this page for Crazy Multiply won’t load. I’ll ask Dad if he got it.. Mom

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Mom, were you able to get it to work? Not sure why it wouldn’t load.

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Congratulations! I’m sure it’s the first of many!


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