My Middle East Experience

by Mr Mike

I met 39 other American’s with Judaic lineage and 2 American trip organizers at JFK airport.  Together we flew to Israel where we met our guide,Einav,  guard, Dvir, and a handful of Israeli counterparts.  Once the group was complete we boarded a bus and took a whirlwind 10 day tour of the magnificent country where we all experienced Birthright!

Here you will find my ramblings coupled with pictures to retell that story; but first, I begin with one of my favorite excursions that happened to take place after Birthright ended.  I extended my stay in Israel and welcomed my brother and parents to the country.  Among our adventures was a day trip from Eilat, over the border to Jordan in search of the ancient city of Petra.


The “Lost City” of Petra

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