My student’s first video assignment

by Mike Still


Creating video can be some of the most challenging yet rewarding projects for a student so when Professor Steve Katz assigned a video lesson I jumped on it.  I used the YouTube editor exclusively for this video and plan to add it as an extension of our Fractured Fairy Tale unit at the end of the year.

What I loved about the YouTube Editor was the ease of finding videos and music.  Clipping each video is simple and the interface is easy enough for little kids to figure out.  All the videos and music in this Fractured Fairy Tale Trailer were found entirely using the editor’s CC (creative commons) search.  That means its all legal to use and publish on the web!


The students will spend the first few weeks of the module learning about parts of narrative writing.  They create characters & settings using creative sentences before learning about how a plot develops.  Their summative assessment is a fractured fairy tale where they can make up their own characters  & setting OR use ones from other stories.  They must create a unique plot and write an exciting story.

The movie trailer is supposed to introduce their story and make someone want to read it.  It will be shown immediately before the student reads their story to the class.   

This video also will be played when the assignment is given out.  Pause the video during the rubric and grade it with your students.   

The movie must introduce the main characters, plot & setting.  All students will use YouTube and are encouraged to use the creative commons video & music but may also record their own.  You can find the rubric below.

Fractured Fairy Tale Movie Rubric

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Mike Still
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