by Mr Mike

Today is Monday, October 7th.  We are scheduled to be paid on the 5th except when it falls on a weekend so today should be payday.  Last month’s check didn’t come for my coworkers and then a week later they got half with the remainder arriving the following week. I wasn’t owed anything that time since I was so new but today I should get my paycheck.

My last student left at 4:50.  I sat in my room and prepped for tomorrow.  Moments later my coworker, Colin, came in and asked if I had been paid yet.  After religiously checking my account all day I knew there was nothing in it but refreshed once more.  Still nothing.  We sat and talked about what to do for a few moments; some said we should have a sit in tomorrow morning. Show up to school and sit at the entrance until the wire transfer went through but we all hoped the payment would come.  I said I’d go down at 5:30 and talk to the principal if I didn’t have the money by then.  He left and went on to the next room.

The clock lazily ticked by as I sat at my computer creating an interactive Halloween presentation in Activ Inspire.  Even though I don’t have a Smartboard I like using the software and telling the kids its magic when they drag their fingers along the white board.  I just follow with my mouse.

Distracting myself for a few moments I wondered if this really would be the moment that I’d start looking for a new job.  If we don’t get paid today and stage the sit in then the parents will all see; surely some will elect to find a new school.  We would be sealing this school’s fate.

5:20.  I checked again, still nothing.  Nervously I realized my presentation was ready and wrote tomorrow’s morning sentence “I will come to school with my little yo yo.”  I included 3 of their spelling words and had invited them all to bring in a yo yo given their words.   Another coworker came in and we discussed how to get around the potential lack of a “letter of release” if shit does in fact hit the fan.

5:30.  My bank account was still drearily low.  I walked down the two flights of stairs to find my principal on the phone.  Waiting outside her open door she asked if I needed her; I said yes and she invited me in while finishing her phone call.  When she hung up I got right to the point.

“Are we getting paid today?”



“Maybe right now? The accountant is doing it”

Her accent seemed worse as she shakily responded to my inquiry.  I said “thank you, good” and walked upstairs to Colin’s room.  Entering he let me know that he got paid.  I told him I hadn’t yet but quickly refreshed the app.  I nearly screamed and danced when I saw the extra digits and commas!  I did in fact get paid!  Fencing tonight with Ben will be that much sweeter knowing I don’t have to start looking for a new job tomorrow.

Mr Mike

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