Paying your Korean Electric Bill

by Mr Mike
Paying your Korean Electric Bill

Korean utilities can be difficult to pay and even harder to understand.  I usually just pay without thinking about it but in case you’re interested in any of those electric bill charges KEPCO has provided a foreigner friendly translation.  Click on the blue + next to each line for a detailed explanation!

The only way I know how to pay the bill is at your bank.  Tear each bill along the perforated edge and feed the piece with the barcode into the machine.  If you need assistance the bank security guards have been very helpful in the past and usually have enough English to understand what you need.

Check out their site through the picture or the link.  Or you can just do as I do and pay it without really knowing what you’re charged for.  Its also good to know that foreigners have had unpaid bills for as long as 6 months without having any utilities shut off.  Late fees are minimal so if you are in a bind financially you have some wiggle room here until you land your next job.
Korean Electric Bill

Mr Mike

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