Pseudo Strike Day 5

by Mr Mike

It has now been a full week since the teachers at CPIS were supposed to be paid.  No paycheck today but we were told “maybe Tuesday or Wednesday” so there’s a slight chance it’ll come tomorrow.  I could go on about how I’m not doing any work with my students but that would be a lie.  Its too tough to sit here and just give them playtime for a whole school day!

In a surprise move our school officially has a new name with the same initials.  They put up new stickers all over the school changing the words “primary” & “school” to “place” and “society.”  We suspect that has to do with the inspectors coming back a few times over the past few weeks since we know our school doesn’t follow the guidelines required to be an “international school.”  (I would love to post the name but need to keep this anonymous while I’m still employed here)

In spite of now being an “international place” as opposed to the school that hired me I still did our regular morning meeting, read a few books to them and we worked on the Calendar in math.  We introduced the new spelling words and I extended their playtime quiet a bit longer to follow suit with our “strike.”  At the end of the day we watched some more of Despicable Me (I think its amusing that they all refer to it as Superbad) before packing up for home.

Outside of my school day I continue to be proactive prepping for Saturday’s interview at Young Hoon Elementary and I just scheduled meeting with my recruiter Thursday night.  After they found out we weren’t paid by Friday they started looking for replacement positions for me. I haven’t decided what I want to tell her about my interview but I think I’ll omit it until I have an offer somewhere.

Thank you friends, family & readers for all the support and emails asking if I’m okay.  Financially, I planned ahead and saved most of my first paycheck.  I’m still very conscious about spending but haven’t limited myself to a ramen & rice diet just yet.

Mr Mike

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