Recording Audio

by Mike Still

Next semester I’m going to introduce my Genius Hour students to audio recordings.  The purpose of Genius Hour is for students to learn about something that they are interested in and then present on it.  I’m hoping to inspire some of them to make multiple audio recordings and even weekly podcasts about their topic!audio podcast

The first thing I’ll need to do is teach them how to record audio.  Fortunately this is super simple with today’s technology.  I’ll have my students use the Voice Recorder App from the Playstore and start by playing the soundbyte that I recorded.

Its important for my students to write a script of what they are saying.  After all this is an ESL club and our secondary purpose is to learn more English.  I anticipate their writing will need significant grammar editing
which will be a great teachable moment!

If this lesson goes as planned my geniuses will learn one more tech trick while practicing their English!

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Mike Still
Mike is a travel enthusiast, photographer and teacher. He loves adventure travel, meeting the locals and exploring new culture. As an outdoor enthusiast you can often find him hiking mountains or exploring forests trying to capture the beauty of mother nature. In 2013 he founded as he left his home in America and has been teaching or traveling around the world ever since!

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