Recovering from a tendon tear & ankle sprain

by Mike Still
Recovering from a tendon tear & ankle sprain

A few weeks ago I stumbled on the last step of my run.  Shortly after I had an unusual experience at a Korean orthopedist.  Last week I sat here writing this post with an air cast and hopes of running again soon.  The doctor’s official diagnosis translated as “maybe minor tendon tear” and I’m on 4 different prescriptions.  I’ve been able to translate them to be an anti-inflammatory, something that promotes healing, pain management & psychotic.  Not sure why I need a psychotic but the medicine in Korea comes prepackaged and I have no idea which is which so twice a day I chow down and take my pills.


The road to recovery is long and I’m disappointed that I had to withdraw from the Spartan Race but am excited to get back into training with Be More Human Project.  I have switched from ice to heat therapy at home and get those magical, mystery lights at my physical therapy appointments twice a week too.

Teaching has been tough without being fully ambulatory.  It’s taken some adjusting but my students have been great.  Really they are just curious so we sit down on the rug a few times a week and I show them my progress.  If anything this injury may have helped them slow down in the hallways and be more careful when playing.


I try to sit as much as possible and find myself in a chair more than I’m used to.  Teaching from a chair is not my usual method and I have to keep reminding myself to stay off my feet.  By the end of the day its easy to just relax at home because that’s literally all I want to do.

Ronda has been a lifesaver and super supportive.  Last week she helped me realize that I’ve gotta replace my usual activities with movies and other sedentary activities.  So here I am writing more and watching a movie most evenings.  I hope that I can keep up this writing regimen even after I recover but can’t wait to get back out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

Yesterday I went back to the doctor because I still wasn’t feeling better.  New pains were coming about after wearing the aircast fulltime (even while I sleep) and my ankle still hurts if I twist it in the slightest.  The doctor agreed with me that it was “taking too long to heal” so he suggested a shot.  I asked about getting an MRI first.  He told me an MRI costs around $300 and the shot might help first so I agreed.


Today I’m still in an aircast and trying to stay positive.  The shot (prolotherapy) seems to have helped but its still too soon to tell.  Its been frustrating to say the least but today I have hope that I won’t miss the entire spring.  Ronda helps me see the bright side.  At least this didn’t happen on vacation in some remote area or just before we head to Indonesia in July.


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Mike Still
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