Rough day? How about dinner with baseball and beer!

by Mr Mike
Rough day?  How about dinner with baseball and beer!

So life at the school may be a little off right now but at least there’s new restaurants to try!

Tonight I stopped at a restaurant on the way home. It was raining but after a coworker lent me an umbrella (still need to buy my own) I decided to walk and clear my head. This joint had a full picture menu and a baseball game on. I was easily swayed.


I made use of my first call button which seems to be a staple here and placed an order for what looked like veggies on a bed of lettuce with either chicken or pork. The waiter came back a moment later to tell me “very hot.” I asked for mild with a few gestures and he said no, making the Korean X. He pointed to another picture and said “garlic,” it looked like a pile of chicken. Sounds good. I gave him a thumbs up and nodded with an affirmative “Ne.”


My sides arrived, this time buttered popcorn and a plate of the pickled white things (radish or maybe turnip, I still don’t know) I had a red sauce and forks. Wait, what!  Forks?  I asked for chopsticks with a few more hand signals and again received another Korean X. Oh well, I guess after this week at school a few Western comforts should be enjoyed.

Speaking of which there’s a game on. SK Wyverns are beating Kia Tigers 2-0.   Looks like I’m rooting for Kia, I always pick the underdog.

Holy hell, 139 MPH pitch from Kia!  What do they put in the water here?  While its raining nonetheless. Wait a minute. That pitcher is white!  Oh duh. Its in KPH. Whoops.

Well, chicken arrived with the white stringy veggie and pink sauce.  It looks delicious, even if its just fried chicken caked in garlic.  My main complaint is that there are too many bones. I dont mind chicken with bones but this looks like they just arbitrarily cut a whole chicken. Unfortunately many bites come away with little bones as if it was fish. Anyway back to being distracted by the game.


Another white pitcher comes to the mound as my Tigers take the plate. Before I know it there’s a full count and Asian #1 gets walked. Tying run is at the plate, its only the bottom of the second when he swings and strikes out. Another ball and 2 fouls when suddenly Asian #3 clobbers the ball. Its going back to the wall and its outta here!  Tie game and its time to order a beer.

The chicken was alright. I wouldn’t order the same meal again but am willing to give this place another shot. A few scoreless innings went by and they just switched it to KFA (Korean Football Association) aka soccer.  While I like soccer, the game hasn’t even started and I’m done eating. Sounds like its time to head home and find an escape in Westeros.

Mr Mike

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