Mae Hong Son Loop – 800km motorbiking around Northern Thailand

by Mike Still
Mae Hong Son Loop – 800km motorbiking around Northern Thailand

The Mae Hong Son Loop is one of the best motorcycle trips in Asia and perfect for any adventure travel lover.  Thailand is developed enough that even though you’re heading to the rural countryside the roads are still good and you don’t have to worry about finding a place to eat or sleep.  I first heard about the Mae Hong Son Loop in 2014 from a colleague and added it to my Thai Bucketlist.

In the summer of 2015 my roommate Brian and I planned our epic trip to Thailand and the Mae Hong Son Loop was the perfect cherry on this trip of a lifetime.   A month-long journey to Thailand would include diving in paradise, jungle trekking and ultimately the Mae Hong Son Loop.  Below you’ll find a series of articles that chronicle those 800 odd kilometers our motorbikes carried us!

The Mae Hong Son Loop took us up and down mountains, around rice fields and deep into the jungles that make Northern Thailand a remote paradise that we all love.   We stopped at every viewpoint and village we could find.  It was our mission to get off the normal road and explore waterfalls, giant caves and hippie hideaways.

We rode with our packs strapped to our bikes through clouds, thunderstorms and national parks overflowing with beautiful scene.  The whole trip was made even better by meeting the kindest locals ever.  I hope these posts help convince you to add the Mae Hong Son Loop to your next trip to Thailand!