Spring biking through Gyeongju – Seoul Hiking Group

by Mr Mike
Spring biking through Gyeongju – Seoul Hiking Group

After a wonderful morning on Namsan mountain we picked up our bikes and rode around the historic South Korean capitol, Gyeongju.  I decided to follow Warren’s group rather than explore on my own.  After a quick ride down the bustling streets we found ourselves at festival.

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Throughout Gyeongju we saw horse drawn carriages.  They weren’t your ordinary horse and buggy though.  Apparently here carriages come equipped with sound effects, including an electronic “neigh” and some k-pop.  Some were even decked out with Christmas lights and bedazzled sides!  As awesome as these were we all opted to keep our bikes as we rode through the blossom-less cherry trees.

_DSC1181 _DSC1175
Before long we took a break at a magnificent flower field.  There were vast yellow expanses of yellow and well groomed gardens of tulips.  We broke here and wandered between the spring flowers and traditional Korean games with the occasional Korean couple  in hanbok (traditional formal dress).


_DSC1187 _DSC1190 _DSC1192 _DSC1194 _DSC1196 _DSC1198 _DSC1208


Before long it was time to jump back on our bikes and ride through the city.  Over the next few hours we passed hundreds of cherry trees who had unfortunately just shed their colors due to an early thaw.  Even though we only found one blooming treeit was still a a gorgeous day for this spring bike ride around Gyeongju!

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A few hours in we finally crossed the bridge to our real destination.  The gorgeous cherry blossom lined lake.  Oh wait, all the blossoms here were gone too.  Oh well!  We enjoyed another hour or so around the lake before heading back to the bus for a final stop at a temple before returning to Seoul.

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Mr Mike

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