T-1 week!

by Mr Mike

I leave in one week, I think?  My flight has not been booked yet and I don’t have an apartment but somehow I’m not worried.  My recruiter hasn’t given me any reason to doubt my August 20th departure; especially since the teacher I’m replacing told me they booked her flight on Friday before she flew out on the following Monday.

The last few weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to catch up with most of my friends through a going away party, last week’s trip to DC and a few other occasions.  I’m throwing myself a farewell barbeque on Thursday and have a wedding Saturday so will certainly see anyone that I haven’t gotten to!

I got a little surprise last night after my documents arrived in Korea.  An email from a disgruntled former employee who went into quite a lot of detail about the travesty that is the school I’m about to start at.  Oh joy!  I responded and spoke to a few other contacts and it appears my biggest cause for concern is that the administration is “more concerned about money than kids or education.”  Well that might be disheartening but a Hagwon is specifically a “for profit private school.”  Oh, and my principal might not be my friend.  Isn’t that what most principals are like?  Even so, the disgruntled employee said I’ll get paid on time and don’t have to worry about them breaking my contract but that I should be scared of the CCTV cameras they just installed.  You mean they aren’t just for security?

Needless to say it startled me but hasn’t swayed me from my path.  I’m packing my luggage as I write this and putting the rest of my life here in NJ into storage.  That’s the weirdest part.  Who knows how long they’ll stay there or if I’ll ever open them up again; frankly right now my main concern is getting ready to go!

As a whole I’m quite excited about it and can’t wait to wake up in Seoul.  I’ve got some key people that will be missed and will be Skyping with.  For the rest of my friends this’ll be a test.  If we stay in touch great!  If i don’t hear from you while I’m gone that’s cool too.  I honestly am more concerned with whether or not we’ll be able to pick back up again whenever I return.  I already have a few friends that I know are timeless, those who have already been away for a year or more and can jump right back in.  I hope that most people in my life are like that but for the rest of you I guess there’s always Facebook.

Counting down the days is tough when you don’t have a flight but I wouldn’t be too sad if I get an extra day to hang out.

Mr Mike

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