T – 50 Days

by Mr Mike

50 days left in the good ole US of A!  I’m still waiting to hear back about a few particulars for my visa but I was initially told they want me to fly out on August 20th.  So whats left to do in 50 days?

Wedding season!  At my age many of my friends are paring off and tying the knot.  Meanwhile I’m moving to the other side of the globe.  I’ll inevitably miss out on some festivities, but since I’m home for the rest of the summer I’m going to two of my good college friends’ big days.  I’ll be taking 2 weekends up to New England for the weddings and 1 for a bachelor party.  I guess that leaves me with 4 weekends till I ship out.

BBQ, sun, family and fireworks. 4th of July is one of the my favorites, especially since my brother is coming home!  This’ll likely be the last time I see him until he comes to visit me abroad. Down to 3 weekends and I guess one of those will have to be my going away party!

Swim, run and bike! This should be a good way to keep me busy and enjoy the summer, plus I recently decided to enter into my frst triathlon. The Born to Tri Sprint Triathlon is on July 27th down in Asbury Park. Feel free to join me if you’re free. Its a 1/3 mile swim, 11 mile bike and a 5k run. I’ve been working up my swimming stamina and have gotten up to 20 laps. Now I just have to follow it up with a bike and run.

Get a motorcycle license.  I heard that it might be a good idea to get a moped while I’m there and it just so happens that my mom drives a neon green one.  I’ve tooled around on her Primo Terminator a little and need to head to the DMV. Hoping to get this done next week.

Practice Korean!  While they say I won’t need any Korean because I’m in an international school and there are tons of expats I feel like it would be a waste if I live in a foreign country and don’t at least to try get a little conversational.

So what else is there? Oh yeah, pack. I’m dreading this and will undoubtedly procrastinate until the last minute.  Probably a good idea to start cleaning up around the house and making a list though.  Suggestions by my world traveling friends are more than welcome!

Well, all this and enjoy myself, visit my friends and family as much as possible over the next 50 days!

Mr Mike

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