Taking on Indonesia? Make Sure to Try These Islands

by Mike Still
Taking on Indonesia? Make Sure to Try These Islands

Indonesia is a country full of delights, with a very unique landscape. A series of islands make up its geography, with intrepid travelers only able to reach every spot if they make the jump between shores. Today, let’s take a look at some of the best islands to try when you’re out in Indonesia.

  1. Kepulauan Seribu

The name of this spot quite literally translates to “Thousand Islands’, on account of the excessive amount of islands you’ll find there. In reality, there are only 128 – but it’s still enough to earn a reputation when compared to rivals in the region.

Located in the bay of Jakarta, this paradise has quickly become one of the most popular spots to travel to for both locals and tourists alike. The beautiful golden sands there provide the perfect relaxation spot.

  1. Ternate

Ternate stands as the capital of the Maluku islands – which were once the only place where the likes of nutmeg, mace and cloves were grown. Naturally, that’s no longer the case – but it doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth a visit.

Crisp blue waters provide the perfect spot for swimming, while you can fish for a myriad of exotic creatures. Darwin once traveled this island in great length, documenting everything he found there. In truth, such is the natural beauty of this spot, very little has changed since then.

  1. Lombok


This idyllic island is one of the lesser known in the region, but possesses a level of natural beauty which is unrivaled across most of the globe. Beaches are strewn along the shore, where surfing has become one of the most popular past times.

Looking for more of the best islands to try when you’re out in Indonesia?

The highlight of the island undoubtedly comes in the form of the 18th century palace of Taman Mayura. This was once a spot where the wealthy elite would come to relax and socialize. While things are a little different nowadays, you’ll still be able to kick-back and relax as you bask in the historic splendor.

  1. Wakatobi

Wakatobi as a name sounds like something you might expect to find on a plate of sushi – but in reality this spot is famed for diving more than anything else. The two main spots for this are Pulau Tomia and Pulau Hoga.

The former is most commonly associated with the variety of marine life you’ll find, while the latter plays host to a series of beautiful coral reefs. Dependent on which you prefer, either spot is a must-see for intrepid travellers.

  1. Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Concluding our list is the island which is arguably the most well-known across the world. Bali has earned a reputation as one of the top tourist spots for travellers headed to Indonesia – and for good reason.

This island offers more versatility than any of the others in the region, with visitors able to surf, dive, visit one of the many temples or catch a breath-taking sunset which you’ll remember for years to come. The best spots for catching this romantic moment include the likes of Jimbaran Bay, The Rock Bar and Tanah Lot.

If you’re heading to Indonesia in the future, any of these five areas will definitely be well worth your time. This Asian nation possesses a variety of breath-taking islands, so make sure you don’t miss out when you head over there for your next holiday.

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