Tikehau Island: A Tropical Destination in the Pacific for Reconnecting with Your Inner-Self

by Marie Nieves
Tikehau, Tuamotu

If the rush of your daily life seems suffocating and the walls of your busy schedule crumble on you every morning you wake up, reigniting your wanderlust and visiting a place of utmost serenity will be the perfect strategy for reconnecting with yourself.

No place exudes peace quite like Tikehau Island. A humble coral atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago of Polynesia, with crisp clear water, soft sandy shores, coconut plantations and vivid sea-life, it’s the epitome of your ideal getaway. The very name of the island translates to “peaceful landing”, and it encapsulates everything you will instantly fall in love with as soon as you get a glimpse of its beauty.

Tikehau atoll

Image by NASA EO-1, Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tikehau_EO.jpg

Heaven on Earth

Humbly populated, the island offers a true escape from civilization and the storm of your hectic existence. Immersed into the sublime nature cherished by the locals and the life of those lucky few to inhabit it, you will finally be able to experience true solitude, and enjoy self-reflection that will refresh your spirit and help you explore your identity.

The pink and white grains of sand that make up for most of the beaches also engulf the turquoise lagoon that is in the very heart of the island.  Rich flourishing vegetation and scarce but exotic wildlife will give you just enough inspiration for your mind to think that you’ve wandered into a dream. The separation from all your everyday troubles with no responsibilities to manage, and the time you spend surrounded by such untamed beauty provide you with the ideal scenery for meditation and self-care.


Image by Urs Neumeier, Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tikehau-SE-2.jpg

Exploring the Sea

If you ache for company, the best way to build new friendships is to go snorkeling or diving and get acquainted with the local waters brimming with exotic fish species and perhaps even encounter the elusive manta ray or the reef shark. Jacques Cousteau established a long time ago that the number of marine animals greatly outnumbers human population of the island, and that still holds true to this very day.

The underwater scenery and the charm of curious, playful fish will undoubtedly bring out the most childlike qualities and wonder in you. Upon seeing such incredible sea life, don’t be surprised to discover that you have a new appreciation for life and nature, as such an extraordinary place is bound to inspire gratitude for experiencing freedom in its finest form.

Reef shark

Image by joakant, Source: https://pixabay.com/en/hai-white-tip-reef-shark-reef-shark-676167/


Along with various guesthouses, you can stay at the stunning Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort in the southeast part of the island, a paradise of overwater bungalows, amazing cuisine and a variety of additional activities on the repertoire, such as a refreshing day at the spa, kayaking, volleyball, billiards and badminton, to name a few.

The unique Pacific getaway experience will provide you with a safe haven perfect for silencing those rushing thoughts and helping you re-establish that emotional balance that we all crave in this day and age. Although a temporary escape, spending time on such a remote island will give you permanent inspiration and encouragement to seek happiness and enjoy life’s smallest pleasures.


Image by Roderick Eime, Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rodeime/7286525758/

The Village of Tuherahera

Nested in the southwest part of the island, this village is the home to most of the island’s inhabitants, teeming with coconut trees, the local fruit called “uru”, also known as breadfruit, and fresh, colorful gardens. It has all the essentials for your stay, such as the airport, a local post office, a couple of shops, an infirmary and a shelter designed to withstand cyclones.

This peaceful place boasts a number of modest, but gorgeous sand beaches, and you can also travel around the island to visit various locations perfect for swimming, surfing, or quiet contemplation. The welcoming fragrance of the sea and the serene blue hues of the water and the sky alike will inspire you to rest and restore your inner balance that will last you long after your return home.

Uru fruit

Image by Dinesh Valke, Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dinesh_valke/2095340562


No matter how long your stay will be, or how rich your itinerary, the time on Tikehau Island will be your adventure of serenity and self-exploration that will give you a lifetime-worth of memories and a glimpse into your inner-self that would otherwise remain undiscovered. A true off the grid experience, your journey to this island will be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of your life.

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