Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos of 2013 #1

by Mr Mike
Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos of 2013 #1

2013 took me to 5 National Parks in 2 different countries coupled with a few state parks and a handful of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  I visited palaces and fortresses, hiked mountains, summited 6 peaks, backpacked along ridge lines and through canyons.  The extraordinary views on my adventures provided a plethora of pictures to choose from.  Out of thousands of shots I took in 2013 it was tough to narrow it down to just 19 contestants for my Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos of 2013.  Behold, my favorite photo from 2013!

#1 is a shot of what some  consider the most dangerous place on Earth. North Korea begins halfway down the blue buildings.  Three ROK soliders stoically guard us from any kidnapping attempts or rash actions by their communist brethren.  The uneasy tranquility gives hope for a future where the both Koreas are one day reunited.  The North Korean took out his binoculars to check us out while an American solider explained some of the history of the DMZ and the Korean war to my brother, me, and the rest of our tour group.  You an read more about it in Remnants of the Korean War at the DMZ.


Why do you think this was my favorite shot?  What do you like best about it?

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Mr Mike

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