Top 10 Travel Photos of 2014 #8

by Mr Mike
Top 10 Travel Photos of 2014 #8

2014 was my most traveled year yet.  I had the good fortune to bring in the New Year in the Philippines before returning to my job in South Korea.  Summer vacation was spent backpacking Vietnam and Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) brought me to Japan.  I ventured to Shanghai before heading back to America for the end of the year holidays and all along these crazy adventures my camera followed me.  Tens of thousands of pictures were narrowed down to roughly 30 finalists before I selected my top 10 travel photos of 2014!

#8 is 2014’s best shot of Bukhansan National Park’s stunning view of Seoul.  Oddly enough I just went back there yesterday and put together a similar panorama.  Bukhansan National Park boasts the most visitors per square mile of any National Park worldwide with a half dozen subway stops that lead to trails!

Seoul, my new favorite city

Seoul, my new favorite city

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