Top 10 Travel Photos of 2015 #8

by Mike Still
Top 10 Travel Photos of 2015 #8

2015 brought me good fortune and even greater photos. My camera followed me from New Years Eve with my family in New Jersey then back to Korea before enjoying Lunar New Year in Thailand and short stint in Taiwan for Buddha’s Birthday. Then we went up a few Korean mountains and swam in stunning Korean islands before heading back to Thailand and then finally Cambodia before settling home in Korea. I’ve made amazing new friends, met the most wonderful woman and had countless adventures with what seemed like an endless hard drive full of photos. Sifting through was no easy task and at first glance I had over 200 favorites! To see them all find me on Instagram @LiveTravelTeach but I guess I should just cut to the chase cause here at my top 10 travel photos of 2015!

#8 captured a beautiful reunion between my jungle guide and his daughter.  After two days of trekking through Thailand’s northern jungle Tom turned the corner and his daughter sprinted down the road jumping into his arms!

8 Jungle Reunion

Jungle Reunion

Honorable Mention #3 – This year I had 4 photos that were too good not to highlight but didn’t make my top 10. This one is from Bijindo, an island off the southern coast of South Korea that reminded me of Thailand with hits beautiful beaches and forested hills!

A Korean hint of Thailand

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Mike Still
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