Tiger Trekking – Elephants, Rhinos, Jungles, & Village Homestays

by Mike Still
Tiger Trekking – Elephants, Rhinos, Jungles, & Village Homestays

Join me on a trip to amazing destinations around the world!

  I had this wild idea that some of my readers might be interested in going on an adventure with me so I spoke to Jungle John at Wild Trak Adventures.  Together we put together this 13-day adventure into Bardia National Park, Nepal.  Over a hundred people have already said they are interested and we only have room for 4 guests on this adventure of a lifetime!   Oh, and we are running a photography workshop while during the trip for any other photography nuts like us.

Want to trek with exotic wildlife?

March 2018
Exact Dates TBD by Expedition Team by Dec 2017

(3 spots left)

I’m leading an expedition with Wild Trak Adventures into the jungles of Nepal and you can join us as we search for wild tigers, elephants, and rhinos.  There is an early bird discount that ends on Christmas so fill out the Tiger Trek Application today!

Mount Everest
3 Passes Trek

April 2018
More info coming soon…

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Yak at Annapurna

Ever wanted to visit the roof of the world?  I’m in the process of planning an expedition to the 3 Passes Trek in the Everest Region of Nepal.  That’s right we’re going o the Himalayas and its time to get a chance to see Mount Everest with your own eyes!

Chomolungma is the Tibetan name for Mount Everest meaning “Mother of the World” 

The Ultimate Korean Adventure

Mountains, Islands, Traditional Festivals, Olympic Village and Spas

Coming Soon

I spent the last 4 years living in South Korea and taking people on weekend adventures around the country.  Well, now its time to take the best of 4 years and boil it down into a single 2-week adventure.  The best part is I’ll be right there with you living it up and helping make sure you get the most authentic Korean experience possible!

Want your picture on an adventure?

Do you want to join Mike on a trip?  Do you want Mike to photograph your resort or event?  Email with the subject “Travel With Mike” and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a good connection to the web!

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