Rickshaw Run

by Mike Still
Rickshaw Run

The Rickshaw Run is one of the Adventurist’s best adventures and you should sign up today!  This is the story of Morning Glory and Afternoon Delight, our 2 autorickshaws that we drove almost 3000 km across India!  My team was a motley crew of 2 Aussies, 2 Kiwis and 2 Americans and even though I met 4 of them the day of the race by the end we were all great friends.  Everyday we woke up early to drive in the cool morning air and often pulled into a town as the sun was setting to find a place to stay.

What is the Rickshaw Run?

Is the Rickshaw Run really a race?  No, its most definitely not.  Frankly, its a challenge and an adventure with about 80 teams of crazy people and the first team to finish loses.  But seriously, the Rickshaw Run is about embracing you breakdowns and having some crazy adventures.  This isn’t one of those go see something and check the box type trips.  Its a serious challenge and an adventure that will test you but should still be on everyone’s bucketlist.  It wasn’t easy but it definitely was AWESOME!

The Rickshaw Run has its share of challenges and risks.  You should buy travel insurance before signing up with the Adventurists or on any similar journey.  I use World Nomads and find them very affordable and easy to use.

The Rickshaw Run – The Beginning

We started in Jaislamer, Rajasthan’s gold city as a group of mostly strangers.   I only knew Joe who you can see hanging out of Morning Glory with me on the right.  Learning to drive and getting to know all the teams was an adventure in itself but once we got on the road things really steamed up!

Before you start the Rickshaw run you will need to get an Indian visa and the easiest way to do it is in this Indian E-visa guide.

The Rickshaw Run – Rajasthan to Gujarat

Our first few breakdowns and dodging the cows made for slow driving but early morning starts meant we could cover more ground.  Gujarat is a dry state so we tried to get out of there quickly but ended up needing a few mechanics to help.

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The Rickshaw Run – Gujarat to Mumbai

We took a team vote about whether or not to drive into Mumbai.  Most of us thought it was crazy but a few wanted that exact adventure.  Read more to find out what we decided to do!

The Rickshaw Run – Konya Wildlife Reserve

If you’ve been following me you know I love to get away from cities and explore the natural beauty when I travel.  I saw Konya Wildlife Reserve on the map and it was easy to convince the rest of the team to take this magnificent detour.

The Rickshaw Run – Driving through Goa

Goa is famous throughout the world for its beaches and we were fortunate enough to have an extra day.  Okay well, maybe the rickshaw needed a day or two to cool off after coming out of the mountains near Konya Wildlife Reserve.  Either way, Goa was a great place to rest up before the final push.

The Rickshaw Run – The Final Chapter

The last push of the Rickshaw Run started great and we enjoyed a day without maps, gps or anything but a compass.  But then when our 8th breakdown came on Vishu, Kerala’s new year, we were forced to put the tuktuks on a truck.  A fatal breakdown and state-wide holiday meant we weren’t going anywhere fast.  With a little bush mechanic tricks from another friendly team in Cochin we just might make it across the finish line under our own power.

Auto Rickshaw Photos

Are you looking for great auto rickshaw photos?  Hoping to find some inspiration for your rickshaw adventure?  Well, then why are you still reading, go click on one of the chapters from above and be sure to comment below letting me know which is your favorite auto rickshaw photo.  Alright fine, here’s one last photo but seriously go back to the top and click on The Beginning to find the best auto rickshaw photos.

If you enjoyed this series then I highly suggest signing up for the next Rickshaw Run!  You can find out more about the Rickshaw Run on the Adventurist’s Site here.

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