Watergun fight at school!

by Mr Mike
Watergun fight at school!

Summer teaching in Korea: hot sun, lots of pollution, hummidity, sweat everywhere & screaming kids.  So when your Korean coteacher asks if “its okay if we have a watergun fight instead of class on Friday” how else can your respond except “hell yeah!” Oh wait.  I’m at work.  “Yes, Mr. Shin, I think the students would like that.”

I immediately went to Mr. Bender’s room to get the details.  Apparently our Korean coteachers organized a class vs class watergun fight.  I could participate as much or as little as I wanted.  Well, you can guess how into it I was after soliciting my students for an extra water gun I could borrow.

Watergun Fight with my class!  Not sure who's more excited...

Watergun Fight with my class! Not sure who’s more excited…


Watergun Fight!  Me vs. Mr. Bender!


Watergun Fight!

Mr Mike

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