Yet another suprise

by Mr Mike

Earlier today we had a surprise which bodes well for my longevity at this school.  The administration is being replaced at the end of the month and they told us a full month ahead of time!  Unfortunately my second surprise came in typical Korean fashion.

It was 2:35 when the phone rang.  My co-teacher usually answers the phone since its always for her but we were both busy putting jackets & backpacks on.  She was trapped by a few students so I grabbed it and it happened to be for me.  My principal Jane was calling to apologize for the late notice but my clinic at 3:00 was doubling in size.

Previously I worked one on one with a girl on phonics, reading & writing and now I’d have a class of two.  I think this will ultimately make the class more fun for my students but I had to scramble to make copies and come up with a quick ice breaker.

The class went well, both girls had fun but we only got through about 1/4 of the work that I used to.  We should pick up our pace a little bit but the clinic lessons I was doing were really designed as tutoring.  I’ll rework some of the lesson before next week and should have another copy o the workbook for my new student by then.

Mr Mike

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