Blood full moon for Friday the 13th

by Mr Mike
Blood full moon for Friday the 13th

Facebook & other social media erupted with meme’s about Friday the 13th’s full moon being the last one until 2049.  After some brief research (aka google) I realized that really depends where in the world you live.  Even if it isn’t THAT rare it was still pretty cool; especially since here in Seoul we had a blood red full moon for the first few hours!



Friday the 13th Full Moon in Seoul

Luckily my coworkers and I enjoyed it from our balcony while christening our newly purchased BBQ.  I enjoyed the best cheeseburger in almost 10 months (yikes, I’ve been here almost a year already!?!?) and we grilled up some steaks, chicken, eggplant, peppers and potatoes while dancing away.

Mr Mike

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